“I was very relieved to hear him at the other end. He helped out a great deal in regards to my circumstances and where I’m at in life right now. He was able to ACCURATELY pick up my thoughts and feelings at this period of time. He was able to give me time frames for my love life in the future which I can’t wait to see, and he also picked up on my change of career without me telling him anything. The other thing I noticed about Jonathon is that he loves to laugh, he has a very funny and infectious laugh. I feel blessed being able to catch Jonathon when I did, he left me going away with my head held high, especially after having the difficult years I have had. Thanks Jonathon all the way from Australia.”

“Towards the end of a months long job search, accurately predicted a job offer in two weeks time, and I’ve accepted the position!”

“Jonathan is just amazing. I have had many readings with him and he just gets straight to it. He’s also got a great sense of humour and makes you feel so uplifted. Most of all, he is honest and will not give you false hope. I kept asking him if I will hear from a certain guy and he told me I won’t be hearing from this person. However, he described someone else I would hear from. I knew exactly who he was talking about, but I didn’t see any of that happening. Long story short, Jonathan was right! I didn’t hear from the guy I was expecting to hear from, but got contact from the guy Jonathan mentioned. He is the real deal!”

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“Oh my goodness! Just had a reading with Jonathan. First of all, what a delightful young man! Secondly, what an amazing reader! He blew me away! He got straight to the point of what is going on in my life with no prompting at all. He knew things about my personality and past which only close friends could know. His gift is beyond doubt. I felt as if he really cared too. What a blessing this reading was for me. It has given me the courage to make the changes in my life that I’ve been too scared to make for years and years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m so excited!”

“I would like to leave a review for Jonathan 2293. I have had a few readings with Jonathan this year and in my opinion he truly is gifted and one of the best readers on MK. Jonathan is so down to earth and easy to talk to, it’s like talking to a friend I’ve known for years. I started 2019 with a broken heart, down depressed and hated my job. Here I am today on 31 Dec 2019, having met someone new, engaged and in a job that I enjoy. All of Jonathans predictions have come to light. Jonathan connects into my energy really quickly without me giving much information and hits the nail on the head each time with what’s going on around me. Thank you Jonathan for all your help and support and wish you an awesome 2020.”

“I’ve been waiting for Jonathan 2293 for about a month & I must say it’s worth the wait! We laughed so much over the phone, I felt like talking to my best friend, he’s so warm. It feels like the most expensive glass of wine in front of a fireplace, that’s how I felt when I spoke to him last night! Just by hearing my voice and using his empathic gifts, he quickly tunes into my energy & the energy of those around me, I didn’t even gave him names! Since he can feel both energies, he shares insight relating to my thoughts, their thoughts & how to best handle complicated interpersonal situations. I swear he projects calming vibes and healing light with humour. Thank you for being the light in my darkness time & I will update you very soon, cheerio!”

“Just had an incredible reading with Jonathan. Connection was straight there and he tapped into my work situation and gave me names of various colleagues, as well as describing the workplace situation perfectly. He also described my ex popping up (which happened a few days ago) and knew he had moved abroad but had been in touch. He even got his surname! He described my current partner, got his starsign as well as picking up his current situation. Cannot recommend him highly enough for spot on WOW information and wouldn’t hesitate to get a reading from him again. Thanks Jonathan for your insight. Onwards and upwards!”

“Had a reading with Jonathan on Sunday and without saying a thing he picked up on my break up 2 days before and highlighted the chaotic relationship which was spot on. He also told me about a new job which was also hopefully true as I had applied for a new job that day. I’ve waited for ages to get a call with Johnathan and I wasn’t disappointed, he didn’t ask lots of questions but gave me a lot of information in 20 mins. He was empathetic and helpful and makes me feel I made the right choice in breaking up. I can’t wait to see if everything he said comes true but some much was accurate. It’s well worth the wait and I think I will definately have a follow up in 6 months. Thank you!”

“I just had an amazing reading from Jonathan. It’s left me feeling more empowered & hopeful. He picked up straight away that I have been going through a difficult time & was feeling stagnant. He picked up on a holiday I have planned & when I’d be going! And many other details of people around me-what’s going on for them & even told me my Job. I loved Jonathan’s energy so down to earth & warm. Thank you for bringing me hope Jonathan.”

I had been trying to speak with Jonathan 2293 for a few weeks and when I finally managed to speak with him, I wasn’t disappointed! He instantly put me at ease with his easy going manner and has such a pleasant vibe to him. He talked me through something that I am experiencing, could tell me why and reinforced my opinion on the whole scenario. He even gave me a time line for when I would start to see a change and what that change could possibly be. I will definitely call again…

“I have had two readings with Jonathan, both of them excellent. In the first reading he asked straight away if I had any contacts in the States. I was amazed as earlier in the day my son had called me from New York! He also encouraged my interest in writing and said it would lead to an offer of work. At the time I have to admit I was quite doubtful. However the offer came in, as he said, within the year. I was given guidance and insight from the past and lots of inspiration for the future.”

“I had a few readings with him and he has always connected so well with me and the situation. He give me great insight into a situation with an ex and he has correctly described the situation. I am so excited for his predictions to unfold. Also, I was really struggling to find the right property for me and I asked for Jonathan’s guidance. He mentioned the significance of a triangle, which at first didn’t make any sense to me. Only to realise a few days later the company’s logo who advertised one of the properties (which I dismissed) was a triangle and they contacted a few days later to see if I am still interested. Needless to say I followed it up and I can happily say I found the perfect home for me. Thank you Jonathan. I love his uplifting charisma, positive energy, he is also ever so kind, always a joy to speak with him. I sometimes call just to give him feedback. Thank you Jonathan for your great help. I want you to know you how absolutely incredible you are. Your gift is a real asset to so many people’s lives. Much Love.”

“Just had a chat with Jonathan 2293. What a lovely guy. Mega down to earth, tuned in quickly and was really very much to the point. I don’t know which one makes me smile more, his personality or that things will soon change in my life. Great guy, great reading.”

“I had been waiting a few weeks to have a reading with Jonathan and just by luck he was available! Jonathan picked up on the situation straight away and gave fantastic information including dates. He has a great sense of humour and delivers information in a gentle but honest manner. I could have chatted for ages!”

“After speaking with Jonathan I was just astounded, such a strong, fresh and impressive reader! Jonathan’s ability to gain such a perfect sense of my energy and circumstances with no prompting from me whilst holding it throughout the reading very much impressed me. Jonathan’s style of reading is so refreshing as although he is direct and in lead of the reading throughout, he is very relatable and genuinely kind-hearted. Jonathan also brings charisma to a reading in a way that puts you at ease and makes you enjoy the reading which is rare. Jonathan’s abilities and the effort he puts into his craft is a prime example of why I come to the Michele Knight site for readings. Money and time well spent with this reader.”

“Just had a reading with Jonathan and I have to say he is really excellent! Jonathan was very precise, detailed, articulate, hit the nail on the head without prompting or asking questions and I received a lot of information in my 10 minutes. I didn’t give any information, he picked up on my life situation straight away and was able to describe situations extremely accurately.”

“After linking in during my first reading, Jonathan got straight to the heart of the situation I was calling about with no input from me. He gave me a colossal amount of information and everything he passed on was so incredibly detailed, but at the same time easy to make sense of. He’s direct in his approach whilst being kind and understanding. He made it so easy for me to process what is going on and reassured me that everything will be okay, without sugar coating things. During subsequent readings, he reaffirmed the information but with different forms of validation. The most striking thing for me is the amount of detail Jonathan gives, more than any other reader I’ve ever spoken with.”

“I had a reading with Jonathan this evening and would like to submit a testimonial, if possible. I’d been trying to book a reading with Jonathan for close to 2 weeks. After much perseverance and Jonathan kindly agreeing to stay on rota later than scheduled, I finally got through and I will say it was worth the wait. He connected immediately with my character and tuned into the areas that were on my mind without any prompting. His ability to read the situations was astounding and I was left feeling as though he had a genuine insight into what was going to unfold. His energy, vibrancy and humour only added to an excellent reading. Look forward to speaking to him again in the future.”

“A remarkable reader and healer with the WOW factor who surpassed my already high expectations of him. My reading with Jonathan was incredible and dynamic, he provided me with endless specific details around my career path and my general direction before jumping right in to my romantic life (unprompted) and identified the current challenges from both sides and enlightened me of how to make progress. Jonathan then provided me with invaluable insight about myself and really opened my eyes to how I perceive myself, my past, present and future and also the people in my life. I have never had this in a reading before and it has since allowed me to make positive change and boosted my self image. I am truly grateful to Jonathan for this he is exceptionally gifted and a rare find.”

“Jonathan is a stellar reader (intuitive) with impeccable people skills and empathy, his tone to the point but given with such genuine intention. Jonathan’s ability to read people and situations is of the ilk you would expect from Michele Knight, however Jonathan goes far beyond the expectation which so impressed me! You don’t just get answers you get descriptions, details, reasoning, foresight and extensive life knowledge all delivered with flawless articulation which is quite outstanding considering he’s a younger reader. Jonathan’s reputation truly proceeds him.”

“I was just so impressed with him, very accurate and detailed around me as a person and my journey so far, even down to my personal insecurities and dreams. Jonathan also described my home in perfect detail and a work issue I am facing. But What really took my breath away in my reading was Jonathan as a person, such a strong and vibrant energy but yet so calming, articulate, sensitive and sincere. Jonathan made the reading enjoyable and made me feel part of it instead of just talking at me. I also loved how emotionally intelligent and sharp he is whilst providing truly astute life guidance and healing in just his voice. Jonathan is a rare if not unique reader in my opinion of the highest calibre. He will prove invaluable to anyone who has the pleasure of a having a reading with him, more Jonathan’s in this world would make it a such better place”.

“I can’t say enough good things about Jonathan. What a gifted and lovely soul he is! Jonathan is an exceptional reader, so intuitive and specific but also very interpersonal in a way that I haven’t had in a reading before. I felt so comfortable speaking to him and he offered me not only sharp intuitive ability but also invaluable guidance and support with a grounded and charming energy thrown in too. Simply wonderful!”

“I absolutely adored Jonathan. As a reader I found him to be amazingly accurate as he told me about myself with no information other than my name! And used no tools! He even told me my career choice! Jonathan also described multiple people from my life both past and present in detail and my current interactions with them and gave me sound advice of how to move forward, Jonathan then described an opportunity offer being made to me that happened one day before! – quite incredible. What I really liked the most about Jonathan though was his energy and refreshing style, so engaging, and innovative but also incredibly empathetic and real. Jonathan you are a breath of fresh air young man and a credit to both yourself and Michele Knight.”

“I had my first reading with Jonathon and cannot speak highly enough of him. Jonathon, with no prompting or tools, was able to pick up on me as a person and my circumstances in about two minutes. His specific details and strong intuition in the reading amazed me! What I really loved about Jonathon was his direct but empathic style as he was able to make me feel comfortable, able to vent, and inspired me all at once. Jonathon is a rarity.”

“Jonathan has the gift. He is direct voiced and commands the messages he gets from Spirit with a richness that is quite rare. His personality is contagious. Such a vibrant soul. Speaking with him is an uplifting, rarely found experience. He is real beyond measure, energetic and chill all at the same time. He is fearless when it comes to predictions. They are delivered with a complete confidence while simultaneously giving you validations. What more could one ask? Just brill. Jonathan you are good. Thank you so profoundly for sharing your gift… truly amazing.”

“must let you know that this reader made me say “WOW” several times yesterday while he was reading for me – he knew of an inheritance meant for me that was never received as well as a theft by a family member- things so specific that I got “goosies” – also incredible at describing personalities and behaviors. His awesome reads for me need to be acknowledged.”

“I just wanted to write to let you know what a completely extraordinary reading I had with Jonathan. I have *very* high standards for readers and I was blown away. He saw me completely, described my personality in detail, picked up on so many specifics about my career and other aspects of my life that are personal to me that it really blew my mind. Jonathan has a really rare and amazing gift, he’s a really conscious and gifted channel, lovely to speak to, and I found the reading to be not only encouraging and exciting, but very healing too. Thank you so much, I’m amazed and he’s a real credit to Michele Knight Psychics.”