“I was really taken back by Amma, very upfront. I mentioned I wanted to know about my youngest son, before I could start, she told me my son was born in March and she described him. Let’s just say, I was blown away. She gave me 3 predictions and within 3 weeks, 2 out of the 3 has happened. The third is due to happen in the Autumn. I cannot thank Amma enough.”

I don’t know where to start. She is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C Simple!

I said my date of birth and it was enough for her to pick up the two mains subjects in my mind.

For example, my mother is driving us insane because we need her to move houses and she is being extremely unreasonable.

Without me asking/saying ANYTHING about it she said: “An older woman, maybe gemini or virgo, is driving you crazy, because she has the key to your peace of mind and she is holding the cards. It is linked to inheritance and financial situation”

Well, it is spot on. We need to move my parents from where they live to a smaller place, because the house is massive and the expenditure is even bigger. They cannot even go upstairs anymore and she now decided she is going to a place even further from where they live. She is soooooo stubborn!

Then, she moved to my love life and again it was spot on to the T.

I can only praise her for her excellent work. Better of all in 16 minutes she had said everything. To say she will be a star on the site is an understatement.

Very positive

She described my current relationship (didn’t pickup I was already married) But she said alot of people said we wouldn’t make it and it was 100% the right decision for me. At the time of my self and Andy dating, I heard this from a few people!

She said I went through a big change recently with work and I got a surprise, she sees it flowing nicely, didn’t pick up on actual job

She saw me photographing a rose (I do take alot of pictures) and being surrounded by photographs.

Alot of animals around me (true)

She mentioned my artwork being framed in a gallery (my spencer Tunick naked pic is being unveiled in April in the local art gallery)

She saw alot of green around me and that I like being outdoors and gardening, also my living room and dining room are green and I have a forest mural in my living room.

She knew I was going away at Easter and I would be surrounded by water…going to Ireland on the ferry!

All in all It was a good reading, she didn’t sound nervous at all.

Thought she was great actually really confident. Very precise and said everything with conviction.

She picked up straight away on my husbands work and an issue we were having this week. Was spot on actually. And gave some very reassuring advice concerning this matter and moving into the future.

She picked up on my Father in law who is dying and has predicted travel to somewhere really hot in relation to this (Father in Law lives in Australia). Told me there was a finality to this situation (which I took as his death) as he is dying.

She talked about an agent coming forward for my husbands work and talked about him travelling to LA for his work in the future which is definitely on the cards for him.

Emma had looked at some cards before I called and so had already looked at what I might be asking about so that was also impressive.

Her manner was reassuring but no nonsense straight to the point I trusted what she was saying and felt inspired by the end of the call.