“I received my one question email reading from Angelina today. I chose an email reading as I feel quite emotional at the moment and did not feel I could coherently speak over the telephone. Angelina’s Reading got straight to the point giving very quick validation of some the situation around me. She was completely accurate in her understanding of how I feel at the moment about a number of situations. She was encouraging about the next few months and gave some intuitive advice about cleansing and clearing my space and energy for the immediate future and connected to my situation. I felt that the validation I received was accurate and the reading was intuitive and helpful. I would recommend Angelina as a reader.”

“Angelina has provided specific guidance to me around a long term relationship issue with empathy, kindness and love. She is a very insightful reader who not only senses the energy fields of the two of us involved, buy also provided honest and open guidance as to the way forward for me. Thank you Angelina for going beyond your calling to help me. I very highly recommend her for guidance around deep and confusing emotional issues.”

“Angelina is a very warm, super empathic and supportive person and will give information to you in a direct but compassionate way. I’ve had a couple of readings with her and your barely have to utter any words as she just tunes straight in and channels, which flows effortlessly. She gives clear, instant validations about people and situations which are so precise it’s like she’s stepped into your head. There have been individuals which I have mentioned and she just describes them to a tee. She has given me information about what is ahead and I await to see what unfolds. I will return to her for readings without any hesitation. I highly recommend Angelina and she is an asset to Michele Knight.”

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“I had a reading with Angelina who was very precise and gave me some very informative information about me and my future. I would definitely recommend a reading with Angelina!”

“Thank you Michele Knight for always having the best of the best physics, she’s not only beautiful on the outside (her profile is a magnet itself!), she’s beautiful from the inside and without me saying ANYTHING she started channelling and confirmed what my TOP 2 favourite physics here told me.”

“I would just like to say thank you very much to Angelina who has just given me a caring and insightful reading. She tuned in after I had only spoken a couple of words and what she said to me resonated and matched exactly what I was thinking and feeling. Her perception of the situation was exactly how it was and she matched something that I was thinking of doing in what she said to me. I feel so much better and stronger in that I was not just thinking myself into a situation but that it was actually happening as I saw it. She gave me some very good advice indeed. I had nearly given up on readings but I chose to call again because I trust Michele and I know that she chooses her readers with integrity. I am glad that I gave it another go.”