“I’ve been a client of Michele Knight’s site for years now, and many of the reader are close to my heart, however Seraphine has become an immediate favourite. She is a very powerful reader combined with a gentle voice and a warm, respectful personality. She got details spot on immediately (from the star sign of someone I was talking about, to the furnishings in my home and projects I am working on, as well as timings) but is more than an excellent predictor. She is extremely intelligent and offers sophisticated guidance on any issue, bolstered with deep, profound spiritual insight and astrology. I love her and think we are so lucky to have her on the site!”

“Seraphine is incredible! Her energy is so compassionate and you just feel that her insight comes directly from spirit. She is spot on. So gifted and such a source of wisdom. She sees with so much depth. I am so truly grateful for the healing energy, guidance and support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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