pin: 2274

“Louise was amazing, I didn’t tell her much and she was able to channel exactly what I was feeling, and why! She is truly gifted!”


pin: 2269

“David is an exceptional psychic. I contacted him twice in a span of a month. Both times he was consistent with all his predictions. At that time many of the things he said did not make much sense or fit the reality I was faced with at the time. However, a month later they seem to all make sense beautifully. He is a great asset because he is not only an exceptional psychic but also highly intelligent. He can be a phenomenal life coach with those gifts. I look forward to some of his predictions in the coming future. I will definitely be coming back to David for more. Cant recommend him enough!”

Psychic reader Maisy - 2347


pin: 2347

“I had a fabulous reading with Maisy, so much in detail and very direct, no messing around, answered all my questions but really didn’t need any prompting. Just wish she was my neighbour as I’m sure we would have a great laugh. Thank you so much Maisy, really feeling up-lifted.”

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pin: 2293

“Had a reading with Jonathan on Sunday and without saying a thing he picked up on my break up 2 days before and highlighted the chaotic relationship which was spot on. He also told me about a new job which was also hopefully true as I had applied for a new job that day. I’ve waited for ages to get a call with Johnathan and I wasn’t disappointed, he didn’t ask lots of questions but gave me a lot of information in 20 mins. He was empathetic and helpful and makes me feel I made the right choice in breaking up. I can’t wait to see if everything he said comes true but some much was accurate. It’s well worth the wait and I think I will definately have a follow up in 6 months. Thank you!”


pin: 2269

“I had a reading with him today after being drawn to him. I am really struggling at the moment and he really helped me in so many ways. He is kind, friendly, genuine and has a natural gift. He says himself he is blunt, i really dont think he is. He was easy to talk to and i will be forever grateful for his advice.”

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The Fool

The Fool It’s about to get exciting for you if you throw yourself in. Have you got butterflies and don’t know why? It’s time to do things differently and embrace the new. The Fool is awakening you to your spontaneous side. Open your arms to doing things that you’ve never done before. Listen to the […]

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pin: 2344

“Had a great reading with Lena, as I was feeling really shaky and emotional about a work problem. She took the emotion out of the situation and gave me a more positive, grounded, realistic perspective which was invaluable. Hard hitting, direct approach from Lena has paid dividends, thank you so much.”


pin: 2269

“I had a reading with David and I just wanted to say ‘wow’! The things he picked up without me saying anything was amazing. David was kind, thoughtful and considerate without any judgement and so patient. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He put me at ease and I have no doubt that I’ll be back. A true treasure.”


pin: 2160

“I had a reading with Carol and it has been an incredible accurate and precise description of my feelings and developments in my life. She had absolute clarity of the circumstances surrounding a new job role and its future as well as an exact description of a personal relationship with a colleague at work which I was keen to discuss with her and which she described with almost perfection. I have never before encountered such a detailed and truthful reading!”


pin: 2269

“I had a consultation with David, he was calm and seemed very genuine. He made me very comfortable through this rough time and was objective with the decisions I have to make while being honest. It was more than a “yes you have a future” or “no you are wasting your time” with that person. He offered guidance while respecting my current situation/state of mind. He brought a sense of peace. I’ll recommend him and will call him again.”


pin: 2190

“Yesterday, I had a reading with Elizabeth and I have to write to you to say she was not only excellent but has the most ‘’pure’’ aura I have come across. Just talking to her and listening to her voice, lifted my soul and made me feel so very much better about the world around me. She was also accurate in her reading about the current situation – and we’ll see what the outcomes are! Mainly, she was a gentle inspiration, offering practical and heartfelt guidance. I was so very grateful that I rang. Thank you all: for an excellent site and a portfolio of readers who obviously care very much.”