“I felt I should leave some well-deserved positive feedback for the fantastic Nichola C. I’ve had several readings with her over the past year, and each time she has been consistent. The readings begin immediately, No hesitation, no questions, no deviating from the subject – just confident and clear information from the word go. She has a fabulous sense of humour, but what I love about her readings the most is the way that she leaves you feeling very positive, and confident in the guidance given. She’s a star!”

“I think this should go down as one of the most remarkable readings I have had. Not only did I get a reading I got a wonderful insight into the direction I needed to go in to move successfully forward with an extremely difficult situation.”

“I just have to share my positive experience with Nicola_C. It was my first time calling in and I was facing tremendous challenges in my career path. The only thing I said to her was that I wanted a reading on my career situation and she picked up on ALL important issues immediately (within less than 2 minutes)! She presented all important issues, challenges, blocks and illusions very fast in a nut shell. I am very impressed and felt much much better and empowered emotionally after the reading. She is also very straight forward which was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I am a fan and feel I won the highest score in choosing Nicola_C. Many thanks!”

“What a gifted psychic! She said that a previous boyfriend would return and she described him to a tee without me saying a word, even how tall he was! He has made an appearance back in my life (even though it’s been years since I saw him) and I was gobsmacked! She has described other situations in my life and the outcomes for those too! She is very genuine, very positive and lovely to speak to.”

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“Had another fantastic reading with Nicola c and she validated what she had said a few months back. No questions asked all the information just flowed from her. She is a truly gifted reader who tells it as it is, and it’s like catching up with a friend when talking to her.”

“Thanks to Nicola for a wonderful reading- reassuring, surprising and also including the nicest possible kick up the rear- because I really need to do something to get where I want to go. And also the most brilliant idea of a way forward. She is kind and fun and gives a whirlwind of information.”

“Had a reading with Nicola C on 8th September 2012. And this lady is truly special. She gave me lots of information and detail about the current situation. I did not have to say a word. She picked up on the energy around me and the person connected within reading. Gave me honest, caring guidance on how to overcome obstacles. And also predictions for future.”

“Amazing Nicola_C you are truly that, you have seen so much for me with all that was going on in my life. You set my mind at ease and have given me the hope that all will turn out well in a difficult situation I have spoken to you twice now and both times it’s like you can see my life and the outcome of each situation. I thank you from the bottom of my heart you are an inspiration and I will keep coming back for guidance.”