“If you can speak to him, you won’t be disappointed. He may tell you things you don’t want to hear but he puts it across in such a constructive and positive manner. He is now one of my favourite readers.”

“I spoke to Lee today, the information was non stop, it was hard to keep up. Lee understood me and my ex to an absolute tee, he confirmed things that had happened and predicted things that will. He gave me dates to look out for and was so friendly when speaking to him. Make sure you have a pen and paper ready to capture the information, he really is really fast with his delivery and I think he is great!”

“I have just had the most amazing reading from Lee. He completely summed up not only the man I was calling about and the current situation with him but also it was as if he could read my mind and tapped into my own intuition.”

“Would like to leave some feedback for Lee who just blew me away. He doesn’t waste time by stalling or asking questions and the info just flows naturally. Lee is such a pleasure to talk to and says it like it is, he doesn’t just tell tell you what you want to hear which is how it should be. I put the phone down feeling really uplifted and positive about the future.”

“Wow, just had a reading with Lee he is incredible, the only information I gave, was to tell him the area I would like him to look at! He tuned straight in and gave continual information. I’m stunned!! Highly recommended!  Will definitely speak to him again, that’s if I can get through to him in future, once people realise how good he is.”