“Just had a conversation with Steve, what an amazing guy, he picked up on my situation at once without me saying a thing! I couldn’t hide anything because he told me everything that was of concern to me at that time. He was very clear, definite and precise, but also very caring and warm with it. As I said I couldn’t conceal anything, which in effect, made me all the more surer, and clearer about my situation, whereas I can be very doubtful, the sort of person who says to themselves … “should I?, shouldn’t I?”. Well, now I know that “I should” and “I could” and now I feel all the more positive with my mental attitude on how I approach situations.  So thanks to Steve I will go with the flow because I’m all the more clearer about what’s in front of me and what I want from that. Thank you.”

“I have just had a reading with Steve….AMAZING.  Steve tuned in to me and my questions straight away and worked with my Nan who has passed over.  Thank you for your skills and patience.”

“I found Steve incredibly deep. Very smart person,  I could talk with him for hours. My dad is in spirit world and he gave extraordinary messages from him. I mean I like talked with my dad, it felt so special.  He delivers with sensitivity,  but total honesty. So much information! He’s a star in my book!”

“I have just had a reading with Steve.  There were two areas of my life I was ready to give up on, my dream job and my relationship.  He got both  without me needing to say anything.  I can now see my relationship is worth sticking with as he explained things from my partner’s perspective, and it seems my dream job may just be a little further away than I had hoped, but still a possibility.  Thank you Steve, you have made me see 2010 could turn out to be a good year after all.”

“I had a fantastic reading with Steve, his energy was amazing.  I felt calm, empowered, understood and in awe of his gentle, inspiring nature.  Could have talked all night.  It was just what I needed.  Thank you so very much.”

“I had a reading with Steve yesterday.  I consider this man to be gifted, respectful, professional, and ethical and would not hesitate to call him in the future. Thank you Steve, very much.”

“Hi,  have just had a reading  Steve and it was wonderful. I would go as far as to say the best telephone reading I have ever had! I barely needed to speak. Can’t praise him enough. thanks again”

“Amazing – he was really very good”