“I had a reading from Jan Lee today and I want to share what I gained from it.
Firstly Jan is such a lovely person, she is very warm, kind and empathetic. Jan is easy to talk to and makes you feel at ease, she is like an old friend, but a friend I have not met, well not on in this life.
Jan tuned into my energy very fast and was able to identify my key issues; due to this clear evidence I am able to fully trust that the much needed changes ahead of me, given to Jan from Spirit, will come to pass.
Jan also connected with my Mother who has just passed over and not yet buried. She gave me a message that confirmed something important for me.
This reading with Jan has allowed me to relax and know that all will be well. I can now look forward to my future with hope as I know I am on the right path.
Love, light and blessing to Jan and her Guides.”

“Hi, I had a reading with Jan Lee – I don’t know where to begin as it was so helpful in so many ways. She was able to give insight to help me. After I spoke with her I felt different – less desperate. She was honest and kind but in a realistic, practical way. Michele Knight’s intro for her says it all – I will be back for another reading at a pivotal time that’s ahead of me. A lovely, lovely lady who has real gifts. Thank you”

“I had a reading with Jan Lee and she was amazing , such a lovely lady to talk to. She was 100% in her reading. Would definately recommend her.”

“I found myself in an unusual situation whereby it seemed that a reading of depth would be the most helpful way to clarify my position. Jan Lee was recommended to me by several people and so I booked my reading with her.
Jan was genuine and empathetic and worked with her guides to help me see the way forward. She covered many areas which were issues for me, in depth, linking all her observations with references I understood and images I could relate to.
I wish to express my profound gratitude to Jan Lee and her guides for the clarifications I received. In addition during the reading one is aware that Jan is giving love and healing and she delivers all those things with humour and gentleness. With Love and thanks Jan”

“Iv just had a reading with Jan Lee (2103) What a lovely understanding lady, she gives clear and concise advice passed on to her through spirit in a way that you just instantly believe and wouldnt question as it flows so smoothly . I’ve come off the phone feeling so much better like a weight has been lifted. She talked of my dad in spirit and the way in which he passed even though from the info I had given her prior in our conversation it would be easy to think he must of passed in another way. I have no doubt that this lady is truely connecting to spirit. I chose to have a reading with Jan Lee after watching her profile video, I think if you watch it you’ll see why. Thank You Michele for a wonderful reader.”

“I’ve now had two readings from Jan Lee and they were both exceptional! It was a joy to have these two readings with an absolutely genuine, psychic medium.  The content of the readings were substantial and Jan Lee’s delivery of the information was warm, compassionate, well-paced and clear throughout. Jan lee is a gifted and skilled reader – she gives the sitter space to absorb information and stay in control yet the reading still flows naturally. Wonderful!”

“I would like to leave feedback for incredible Jan Lee. WOW!!! I have had some psychic readings before but I never found anybody so specific, warm and loving. She has described me to the tee, and she has given me hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. For the last year and a half I have felt stuck in a rut. With no prompting she has perfectly described me the place where I come from, and where I felt completely stuck and out of faith she has shown me the way to move forward. She has given me dates of when stuff will happen, she has given me news about my career, my relationships, and my home. Her details of the future are so specific that I feel as if I have already been there, and as I told you, Jan, I almost can not wait to actually be there!! She has such a very good sense of humor, she made me laugh right from the beginning of the reading. No doubt I will be contacting you again. You are a blessed soul, and I can not express the difference you’ve made in my life. You’ve given me hope when I had none left, and for that I thank you with all of my heart. Thank you so much, Jan, Love and Light.”

“I would like to leave some feedback for Jan Lee with who I had a reading in November. he told me that someone would give me a key to his front door and so he did. She also mentioned to me that I would move to a new place on December the 10th, but will stay in the same area — well, this is also about to happen. At least, my current landlord accepted the moving date and I have already found an apartment… in the same area :)”