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  1. I’ve tried several times to access free readings. I’ve got an iPhone 6s, no screen rotation lock, yet I can’t get to get past the ‘rotate phone graphic’ and a start bottom never shows….can you help please?

    1. Hi Tina,

      Sorry to hear you are having problems.

      So, you don’t have the screen rotation locked to portrait, and you don’t see the app even when you rotate the phone to landscape, is that correct?

      Are you able to view any of the other free readings, such as this one celtic cross reading on your mobile?

      Can you tell me what browser app you are using?

      Also if you can send a screen grab to [email protected] that would be very helpful.

      Thank you

  2. I feel really anxious lately I feel like I have done something wrong I have weights on my shoulders, have I done something wrong?

  3. I have been struggling with being able to find like minded people or person that I can have a healthy relationship with. Will I be able to find the right person? Who could he be?

  4. My nephew died in suspicious circumstances in September 2018 nobody seems to know what happened my sister and her husband are devastated they adopted him as a baby will we ever find out the truth

  5. Will my ex boyfriend come back in my life or will I find a good paying job thru a friend or will I have twin girls by my boyfriend, can I trust my friend Annie or do she also talk about me behind my back.

    1. Hey there Ivy, sorry i just saw your comment, and thought it was worth mentioning this, as i have watched a few different women report getting pregnant after years of trying when they changed there diet and detoxified their bodies, go on youtube and check out some videos of raw vegan diets and some of the women on there are so inspirational and have gotten pregnant from fasting and eating raw fruits and vegetables. and have beautiful healthy babies. Good luck and all the best xxx

    1. Need confirmation that my partner is being faithful to me. Ive had some suspicions, but need to know if its just in my head or if he really is being truthful to me

  6. Does tj love me like he say he does and is he loyal and true or has he been lying to me this whole time about how he cares for me

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