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Weekly Astrology July 22nd 2024 – Leo Season

ARIES Open doors to ideas What fires you up takes you further Make it a hot, sweet summer! Your sweet, sweltering summer of attraction picks up the pace this week as the Sun arrives in its ruling sign of Leo (22nd). Keep in mind that this is also the Sun’s ruling house – your 5th, […]

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free tarot reading

3 Card Tarot Reading – Is One For You?

Want an intuitive boost?  Check out the backs of these Tarot cards. Does one catch your eye? Focus on the colours and the feelings they stir up. Write down your first impressions, then scroll to reveal the message.  As usual, let your powerful intuition guide you! Tarot Card One – Ace of Cups Joy is […]

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Michele's tarot card of the day


A new direction! An awakening! Finally, you are approaching a crossroads. Life has been tough for you and the past a long and challenging road. Over the past few months, you have had clues guiding you towards the direction in which you need to go. Once we have an awakening, there is no going back, […]

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venus in leo

Venus in Leo – Light my fire – July 11th 2024 Onwards

Bold, fierce, beautiful. There’s nothing shy about Venus when it moves into the sign of warm, confident, and dazzling Leo. Unlike the bashful, subtle energy of Venus in Cancer, this Venus is all show-stopping, heart-on-your-sleeve, unstoppable, and authentic expression. It doesn’t hold back. It has to express itself.  Venus in Leo is in love with […]

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New Moon in Cancer


YOUR NEW MOON IN CANCER MOONSCOPE JULY 5 2024 By our psychic Elena Radiant purity of intention shines out from the new Moon in its ruling sign of Cancer. And let’s not resort to stereotypes now. All that cup-cake baking, soothing cocooning and spoon-fed nurturing we’re force fed about Cancer. Out with the generalised astrology! […]

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Monthly Astrology July 2024 Forecast For All Signs

ARIES Expand your possibilities Allow answers to emerge The tide of attraction flows effortlessly your way! Introspection is always followed by expansion, Aries. So, spend some time in contemplation at the start of July. And use this to get very clear on what it is you want to go for next. Yes, you are on […]

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cancer season

Weekly Astrology June 24th 2024 Forecast for All Signs

ARIES Gratitude and appreciation fuel progress Make the moment last Reality doesn’t bite – it’s a blessing! Enjoyment goes hand-in-hand with reality this week. We have free flowing trines and sextiles dancing across the summer sky between planets in Cancer, Taurus and Saturn in Pisces. The appreciation of what we have at our disposal should […]

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