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venus in gemini

Your Horoscope for Venus in Gemini May 23rd 2024

Your Horoscope for Venus in Gemini May 23rd 2024 Mastery, magnetism and magic occurs as Venus enters Gemini, meets Jupiter and then trines Pluto as it arrives in duality-defining Gemini. Let’s talk love. What we say, share and send out has a touch of magical enchantment. It’s alluring, irresistible and opportunity creating if it comes […]

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Weekly Astrology May 20th 2024 Forecast for All Signs

ARIES When Jupiter changes signs which it does this week, it’s a very big deal. Expect opportunities, solutions, travel, expansion and your on-line activities to open up your world. You won’t miss the news or the signs of new beginnings, Aries. Check your Lucky Jupiter in Gemini Forecast and Full Moon in Sagittarius Moonscope for […]

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Michele's tarot card of the day

The Devil

The Devil – Temptation! Yikes, the Devil! The Devil is not all bad and actually reveals that you have the power to escape! OK, the Devil is telling you that your fear could be making you self-destructive. The Devil card talks to you about addictions, about giving your power away. When you are afraid, do […]

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weekly horoscope

Weekly Astrology May 6th 2024 Forecast for All Signs

ARIES ‘all flesh is proud of its wounds, wears them as honours given out after battle, small triumphs pinned to the chest -’ Jane Hirshfield. For What Binds Us There’s something called ‘Proud Flesh’. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It refers to how the flesh grows back across a wound. To quote the American poet […]

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may 2024 astrology


ARIES Take the path of self-determination Get back on that wavelength Ideas are set to take you further Expect one final satisfying and even potentially surprising boost from Jupiter, before it exits your money zone and heads off into your house of communication, commerce and ideas at the end of this month. May is also […]

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Your Full Moon in Scorpio Moonscope April 23rd 2024

Your Full Moon in Scorpio Moonscope April 23rd 2024 Be the still waters which run deep. The dark horse. The mystery others want to unlock with the full Pink Moon in resonant, empowered Scorpio. This is the first full Moon after the Spring (Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere), Equinox. Due to the eclipse at the […]

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