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Weekly Astrology November 28 2022 for All Signs

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 28 2022 ARIES Reality bites No procrastination – go for freedom Face your own truth Aries! Watch any tendencies towards drifting instead of action. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus in your 9th would usually see you off in hot pursuit of something you want. Or in opportunity-creating mode. […]

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free tarot reading

Free Tarot Reading: Think of a question.

Free Tarot Reading: Think of a question. Sometimes in life, we need a little intuitive guidance. Tarot works on many levels. When we ask the Tarot a question, the Tarot card we choose can bring us multilayered answers.  Focus on the 5 Tarot Cards and think about a question you have. Scroll down to the card’s […]

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Michele's tarot card of the day

The Empress

The Empress You’ve been very patient and now nature is taking its course. The Empress speaks to you of love and compassion. How compassionate are you being with yourself? Have you been thinking about giving birth to a new idea? If so, it is about to come to fruition. Nurture your idea and give it […]

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mercury and venus in sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius November 23 2022 Moonscope

New Moon in Sagittarius Moonscope November 23 2022 Finally a Moon appears that does not bring an eclipse with it! Freedom, release and opportunity are inherent in the promise of the new Moon in Sagittarius. It always arrives with an invitation to go explore something and broaden our minds and our vision. This can be […]

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venus in sag

Weekly Astrology November 21st 2022 for All Signs

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 21st 2022  ARIES  Reach for those feeling words  Take a fearless approach to vulnerability  Break free opportunities appear  Ruler Mars retro still in your 3rd may make it hard to put what you are feeling into words, Aries. You may also worry about coming across as needy or […]

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tarot reading

Tarot Card Reading – Choose A Tarot Card

Hello Beautiful Soul, Here’s another Tarot card reading for you. Concentrate on the four Tarot cards and sense if one of them has an intuitive nudge for you. Tarot Card One – The Hermit Listen to your heart today. What is your intuition trying to tell you? When we ignore our psychic senses, we can […]

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mercury and venus in sagittarius

Weekly Astrology for All Signs November 14th 2022

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 14th 2022 ARIES Watch for Signs of the Trines The desire you have within brings the change you seek without The Force is within you Answers, knowledge you need, shining soul compasses and guiding lights illuminating the way ahead appear as a sign of the trines occurs between […]

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full moon in taurus

Your Full Moon in Taurus Moonscope November 8 2022

Your Full Moon in Taurus Moonscope November 8 2022 By Our astrologer Elena  The final eclipse for ‘22 occurs in Taurus at 16o 1’. This is a total lunar eclipse in the sign of personal money matters, possessions, values and self-worth. Taurus can hang on, identify themselves by what they earn or have, or become […]

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