Valentines Day Rebels – Join me in a love revolution

Valentine’s day is looming.  Like any other calendar festival it stirs up our deepest hopes and dreams.  For many of us it exposes a sore and vulnerable spot as it shouts about the love we don’t have, the cards we don’t get and the dates we aren’t invited on. Valentine’s day may have been hijacked by capitalism but we can use it to our advantage and stage a personal love revolution.

Every year I post something around this time reminding us that love begins with loving ourselves, about the importance of nurturing and cherishing who we are and making it a special date where we set aside time to pamper ourselves.  Whether we’re single or taken, that’s something that pays back in spades throughout the year.

This year I thought that along with that we should stand up as love revolutionaries.  Love is a quirky emotion in that we can’t actually feel the love that someone else has for us.  Love comes to life when we let it flow through us.  So let’s make this Valentine’s day something to remember by spreading the love.

It doesn’t matter whether you just spend ten quiet minutes radiating love out across the entire universe or whether you stage something on a much more spectacular scale.   If you’re bold enough, standing on a bench in your local shopping centre and reading the love poems of Rumi or Hafiz aloud comes to mind.  Offer to help someone with their shopping.  Bake and take a cake to an older neighbour you’ve never spoken to.  Smile at everyone you pass in the street.  Gather a few friends and pick up litter in a local beauty spot for an hour. Use your imagination to be a warrior of love.

Call a truce with your enemies.  You don’t have to march over and hug them.   Just do it in your heart and they will feel it.  If someone criticizes you, say, ‘I’ll think about what you’ve said.’  Banish every unloving thought from your mind for twenty four hours.  See the good in everyone, even if you have to spend a little while pondering what it might be.

Catch everyone you encounter doing something right and thank them for it.  Let the small irritations slide.  Give the irritating habits of others a 24 hour pass.

Make your mantra, ‘If you want to see the love – be the love’.

Let’s do it!  We’ve only got loneliness and a love lack to lose and the whole world to gain.

Post your ideas below.  I’d love to hear what you do!

Loads of love,

Michele x


2 thoughts on “Valentines Day Rebels – Join me in a love revolution

  1. Love this post Michelle. I am going to post on my FB page the most beautiful love poem E.E. Cummings I Carry Your Heart With Me.

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