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what people say about Pearl

Uplifted and amazed!  That was me, after a reading with Pearl.  She drilled into things with uncanny insight.  Identified some very specific and unusual issues connected with a project I’m working on – with no prompting.  Also described how a friend and I can best work together, to achieve our … read more

by Andrea

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what people say about Honey

Honey… a great name for this reader, she is kind and so very sweet during readings. She is able to navigate the spiritual realm with pronounced clarity. Honey is a hard worker during readings, she will work with spirit for insights and answers diligently striving to deliver a excellent reading. … read more

by Serena

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what people say about Trinity

My reading with Trinity, was pretty amazing. After I had explained the reason for my upset, Trinity explained why the situation had occurred, with compassion and understanding, it all made so much sense. I felt very relieved and comforted by Trinity’s guidance. After my reading, I feel enlightened, uplifted and … read more

by A.D.

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