Your December Tarotscope – Pick A Tarot Card

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Your December Tarotscope

Hello Beloved,

As we approach the end of the year it’s a good time to get some intuitive advice on how to tie up loose ends. What do you want to experience and achieve in December? One of the Tarot cards could answer your questions. Look at the back of the cards and see if one jumps out at you.

Remember, when interpreting the cards, use your psychic and intuitive abilities. Look at the Tarot card you choose and tune into what the card feels like. What emotion does it stir? If it were a movie, what would this scene illustrate? That’s the joy of Tarot; they unlock our natural psychic ability and connect us to our wisdom.

So much love to you


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Tarot Card One – The Moon

The Moon

The Moon reminds us that we are more sensitive and intuitive than we think. Have you had a dream or a gut feeling nudging you toward a revelation? If you have distrust or caution, don’t ignore them now. 

Our witchy abilities might get crushed by day-to-day busyness, social media overload, and, frankly, just trying to keep our lives together. Take heart; under the surface, our magic still exists. We have all the answers we need. A powerful message arrives, in the form of a coincidence or hunch. Trust your divine instincts now.

Tarot Card Two – 3 of Swords

3 of swords tarot card

My Darling, Have you been experiencing emotional exhaustion? Or perhaps an old wound has been poked? You are so strong that you might have been ignoring your needs while looking after the needs of others.

There’s potential to release the past and free yourself from situations that no longer serve you. As you prepare to step into your power, it’s time to let go.

Has someone hurt you with their words? Rather than stewing, which makes you prickly and unpredictable, find a way to express your truth. Set boundaries if you need to, as you form a deeper connection with your heart.

Tarot Card Three – Knight of Swords

knight of swords

Fearless, clever, but sometimes foolhardy, this Knight is never afraid of a challenge. A brave soul who can be quick to anger and loves an intellectual tussle. You might find yourself with a thirst for knowledge. Have you been bored recently? Or have you already started your new learning journey? If you find yourself in ridiculous arguments, it might be a sign that you need more stimulation for your brilliant mind.

It’s time to focus and gallop toward your dreams. An opportunity is on the way that can quench your need to communicate and discover.

Tarot Card Four – Two of Wands

Two of Wands

You’re brooding on your cosmic Universe and where you’re heading. A surprise revelation arrives, urging you to step out of the known and into a more expansive experience. It’s time to let your visionary side out and plot your move. Yes, there is a bigger, bolder world out there. Adventures and new experiences await.

You’ve been germinating ideas, and now is the time to act, have faith in yourself, beautiful soul. Oh, and an offer is coming your way. It could be a heap more valuable than you first thought.

Tarot Card Five – The Ace of Wands

ace of wands

Your spirit energy is intense, courageous, and fearless. Your enthusiasm is on full power, and you’re manifesting your dream. Desire, love, and sensuality fill your being should you choose it. 

You can use this vitality to create or to connect with another or plunge into an exciting project. The flame is YOURS to do with it as you will. Don’t burn yourself out, though. Take a moment to think before you react. Where will you point your creative wand?

Tarot Card Six – Two of Cups

2 of cups

The 2 if Cups symbolises a time when our friends mirror our energy, and give us a boost. When we are around a 2 of Cups Soul friend, we are on an equal footing and safe. 

They are the ones who continually call us to our higher selves. We are all divine works in progress, and we all face moments when we get stuck in , or can’t see a way through our problems. Our soul friends love us warts and all, but they are also like cheerleaders, reminding us that we can transform ourselves and our lives.

They hold faith in you even when you can’t. If you’re having an off day, a grumpy moment, or even feeling the need to let rip or throw an all-singing, all-dancing pity party, they know it’s just a blip and that you’ll soon get back on track. When in doubt, they believe the best in you.

Soul friends love you even If you gallop wildly off track. They let you know and patiently wait for your return. Soul friends laugh with us, cry with us and help and support us along our way. Soul friends are the epitome of the Two of Cups. They are few and far between, but it tends to be long-lasting when you get one. Just like any relationship, don’t settle for less. 

Tarot Card Seven – Judgment


You are about to have an epiphany! The Judgment card whispers that the time has come for you to see a new path onwards. Your inner wise one is doing a little jig and cheering you on. Check out the Angel; their horn has your name on it! (That sounds so wrong, but you know what I mean ;) ) Life is no longer stagnant, and the upcoming revelation will set you on a soul path worthy of you.

OK, as the card says, you are being judged not by an external force but by your spirit. All the good things you have done add to the mix. Judgment is also a time of self-forgiveness of feeling the unconditional love of the Universe. There’s an internal revolution coming that sets you free. You aren’t going to take any more crap as you’re finally blowing your own trumpet and believing in your present and future. Life is transforming, and the pathway is lit, so get moving!

Tarot Card Eight – 6 of Wands

6 of wands

The six of Wands guarantee you that triumph is coming. You are winning in a situation, achieving your ambition and recognized for who you are. On top of that, you are starting to believe in yourself! 

When we think we can achieve a dream and deserve it, we unlock a magical doorway to success. OK, we also have to make the moves and do the work.

The 6 of Wands reveals that you will have an incredible moment of victory with a dose of well-deserved recognition. Don’t rest on your laurels, though.

What do victory, success, and recognition mean to you? All of these experiences can be internal as well as external. When we overcome anxiety or change an ingrained pattern or habit, that too is a success. Think about what challenge you want to win next.

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