Reboot your chakras with crystals

Blocked chakras can cause us all kinds of problems which we may not even be aware of – until we discover ourselves out-of-alignment with our bodies, our thoughts or a key area of our lives.

Clear your chakras with crystals

One of the easiest ways to clear and balance your chakras is with crystals. Each crystal used gives the corresponding chakra a vibrational boost but doesn’t alter its energy. Working together, they can restore the overall harmony of your entire system.

Your intuition and creativity can receive a boost, what is more, everything in the universe is energy and vibrates to a certain frequency. By restoring your ‘frequency’ you open yourself up to the flow of universal abundance and synchronicity once again.

Use 8 Crystals

You will need a total of eight crystals to do this. One corresponding to the colour of each of your chakras as well as a tourmaline of any colour to ground you.

Some New Age shops and sites sell chakra balancing crystal sets but the most effective, enjoyable and also usually cost-effective way I have found is to actually go to the shop and choose your crystals yourself.

Most New Age or places like etsy stores sell small crystals very cheaply. Aside from a tourmaline, you are not looking for specific stones for each chakra but should be guided by the stones colour and the energy it emits. If you resonate with the crystal – that is the right one to choose.

Here is your crystal guide:

Crown Chakra – clear crystal or else violet/purple

Brow or Third-Eye Chakra: Deep blue or indigo

Throat Chakra: Turquoise or light blue

Heart Chakra: Any green crystal or stone

Solar Plexis: Yellow crystals or stones

Sacral Chakra: Orange or amber

Root Chakra: Red or black


Crystal Clearing

As always with any meditation or ritual, turn off your phone and ensure you will not be disturbed. If you like for this meditation, you can light candles or incense and play some ambient music if you wish.

Lie down on the floor and have your crystals next to you. Place your violet of clear crystal just above the top of your head, your deep blue one on your brow, the lighter blue one on your throat and so on. With the stone for the Root chakra place this between your legs as close to the base of the spine as you can get it.

Place your tourmaline between your feet – you may want to place the tourmaline and Root chakra crystals first. Once you have done this, close your eyes and imagine kundalini or life force energy flowing from your base chakra on up through the system until it exits the Crown stone. Then imagine it entering via the Crown and flowing downwards again.

Check for blocked energy

Does it feel as if the energy is blocked anywhere? Do you feel any tension or resistance in any chakras? This can range from a feeling like water being stuck in a blocked drain to emotions such as anxiety or tension. If anything like this comes up it’s a sign the chakra is blocked. If this happens imagine the colour of the stone and your chakra. Imagine this colour literally ‘washing’ through the chakra taking away any blockages or negativity until it flows cleanly once more.

You might then want to ‘flush’ your entire system by imagining the colour of this chakra flowing through the rest of them and then out through the crown one. At this point the energy should flow smoothly once more. You can repeat this stage with any other chakras you find blocked.

Cleanse your crystals

After you have finished, remember to ‘cleanse’ your crystals by placing them in a bowl of water and sea salt. Leaving them out under the light of a full Moon is another effective way of cleansing them.

When you have finishing this, wrap them in silk and store them away for the next time as you can repeat this process whenever you feel the need. Many people make crystal chakra re-balancing a regular part of their psychic wellbeing practice.

Enjoy being part of the universal flow and enjoy using your crystals. They contain all the power of the Earth which in turn contains all the universal energy and wisdom we need.


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