November Tarotscopes – Pick a card

november tarotscope

November Tarotscopes – Pick a card

Hello Moonchild!

It’s November, and the energy is shifting. Eclipse season was confusing, painful, revealing, liberating, and intense.

November has some lovely transits like Venus in Libra (Venus loves being in Libra).

The Sun, Mercury, and Mars also enter optimistic and expansive Sagittarius. We emerge as new characters filled with possibility.

On that note have a little look at the Tarot backs and see if you feel behind one of them is an important message for your month ahead!

Love Michele x

Tarot Card One – The Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is like a shot of pure, unadulterated emotion – it’s the ultimate ‘feels’ card in the Tarot. When this card makes an appearance in a reading, get ready to dive headfirst into a whirlwind of emotions, because it’s all about new beginnings.

Picture this card as the Universe handing you a fresh, sparkling chalice filled with the juiciest, most delightful cocktail of love. It’s a divine invitation to let your heart run wild, to connect with your deepest emotions, and to soak in all the love vibes that are flowing your way.

Whether it’s romance, friendship, or an explosion of self-love, the Ace of Cups brings a tidal wave of emotions into your life. It’s not just any love; it’s the good stuff – deep, soul-stirring, and bound to make your heart do the cha-cha cha.

This card is like a flashing neon sign telling you to let go of any old baggage that’s been weighing you down. Forgive, heal, and clear the emotional clutter – because there’s a deluge of love on the horizon, and you need room for it.

The Ace of Cups is your cosmic nudge to trust your gut and follow your heart.

Tarot Card Two – Two Of Cups

2 of cups

The Two of Cups embodies a profound connection between two individuals that transcends the superficial and delves into the realm of genuine emotional exchange. It’s a card that signifies a union based on mutual respect, understanding, and shared values.

This card doesn’t deal in fleeting infatuation but centers on a more intellectual and spiritual connection. It represents the coming together of  folk who see eye to eye, not just in the present but in their future aspirations as well. Soul connections come in many forms but when you pick the Two of Cups you know that you will find or hang out with a soul that gets you,  that wants the best for you and is your biggest cheerleader. Don’t waste time on frenimies, embrace those that support you.

Tarot Card Three – 8 of Wands

Eight of Wands

Prepare for a shift in your life. The 8 of wands is a sudden movement forward. In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck they were called the arrows of love. Whatever has been stuck in your life is about to catapult forward.

This card embodies the power of momentum and the need to seize the moment. It’s not a time for hesitation or procrastination but for taking action on your ideas, projects, and plans. The universe is aligning in your favour, and it’s time to ride the wave of opportunities.

Tarot Card Four – 9 of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles

You have worked hard and your bounty is coming. Perhaps you don’t give yourself enough credit for how your have grown, what you have achieved and how far you have come? Give yourself the love and respect you give others, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

In the realm of personal well-being, the Nine of Pentacles represents a sense of inner peace and self-sufficiency. It’s a reminder to embrace your solitude and enjoy the beauty of life’s simple pleasures. It’s not about isolation but the freedom to savor your space and independence. Take a moment to appreciate the blessings in your life.

Tarot Card Five – King of Swords

king of swords

Our King of Swords is Oscar Wilde a man of great wit and a mind as sharp as his sword. Having said that it was his over confidence in his intellectual brilliance that led to struggles. The King needs to know when to let go of control.

If you know a King who is controlling or always has a smart comeback remember your power. Their lack of empathy is a chink in their armour and it can stop emotional connections. Sometimes the King comes up when we need to draw a line and stand our ground. However in all cases cast your words kindly.

Tarot Card Six – The Empress

empressThe Empress is comfortable in her own skin. She/they sit on the throne with their body relaxed, ready to give birth to ideas, love, and wild things. The Empress knows she is worthy of love. The Empress ushers a unique time of creativity, abundance and knowledge.

The Empress represents the power of embracing your nurturing side without sacrificing your strength. She’s a reminder that compassion, whether for yourself or others, doesn’t equate to weakness. Instead, it’s a force that empowers and sustains.

Tarot Card Seven – The Wheel of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune

There are deeper forces at work than you realise! Your soul has a plan that is about to manifest! Some things, in this mysterious life, are meant to be. You’re either in that ‘fated’ moment or about to bump into it. Your heart is going to receive a message from the Universe. Yay! A positive change is coming as the cycle of life turnUnderstandings in your favour.

 The cycles on our soul’s journey is essential for growth. What patterns are you repeating? How can you step off the wheel of repeat experiences? You have the power! Unleash your wild, free banshee and create unique magic in the moment. Your heart says don’t be a victim of the past. You are strong, and you are eternal, you can shape your destiny and fate.

Tarot Card 8 – The Chariot


Hang onto your witch’s hat. Life is about to get very interesting. The Chariot suggests a change of pace, a shift of energy, and a huge spurt forward. Why is this happening now? Because you have earned it.

The petrol for our Chariot is our thoughts and beliefs, our determination, and our inner strength. When we change routines, patterns, and destructive ways of thinking, we liberate ourselves a layer at a time. Expect November to be filled with new experiences and fast-paced fabulous happenings.

Big congratulations, you have worked hard to heal, and a reward is coming.

knight waite tarot

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