How to Become a Love Magnet

Warning: This article contains no revelations about why your soulmate (or whatever you wish to call them) has not yet materialised. It isn’t going to tell you that the reason you’ve not got someone in your life RIGHT NOW is that you’re creating the wrong reality for yourself. As if you deliberately set out to create a reality where you were single and searching in the first place.

Okay, you say, that’s a relief. But isn’t the title of this article ‘How to Become a Love Magnet’? Yes. This is an article on how to become a LOVE magnet. Not ‘How to Attract your Soulmate’. But here’s the thing – once you become a love magnet you just start to attract more and more wonderful connections and many, many soulmates – some of which or one of which can turn out to be that special soul, someone, you’ve been looking for all along! The secret is to let go of the thought that it is one person you want to attract and just set out to attract LOVE – in whatever form(s) it wants to arrive in.

Who doesn’t want more love in their lives? And to get it you don’t have to wait for that romantic partner to arrive. You can start to attract it right now – this very instant and the thing is when you do you do become that love magnet! Here’s how:

1: Give the Love: To receive love you have to give it away first.  Show you have love to give and the universe sends more back your way. Let the people who are already in your life know how much you love and appreciate them. Family, children, friends, business partners, co-workers  – even your pets. Tell them, show them. If you have time volunteer for a good cause (that you love) and spread the love further. Above all – take action. This is not about money – buying people gifts or even in making a donation to a charity (although this is something you can also do). Taking action puts you in your power and never underestimate the power of a hug or giving two hours of your time to a good cause.

2: Ditch the Unlovely: Sorry, it’s gotta be done. We’ve all got them in our lives. The people (often so-called ‘friends’) whose constant negativity or attitude drains us. Or maybe it’s that ex you can’t quite let go of. If you want to be a love magnet these people are destroying your magnetism! Doing this takes courage. You may be able to slide out of some associations gracefully simply by no longer being available. Others sadly may require those kind of awkward confrontations none of us like but which we all have to deal with sooner or later which begin along the lines of: ‘I think it’s time to give our friendship a rest . . .’. If you want to magnetise love into your life you cannot afford to skip this step!

3: Don’t wait for Prince/Princess/Prinx Charming: Do you have a list of things you imagine you’re going to do when s/he turns up? If so your significant other can only turn up in spite of your need. Fill the need and the energy is clear to let them in. So no matter what it is – doing that activity, going to that nice restaurant, taking that trip – do it now. What is more this affirms you deserve to be treated this way. After all, if this is the way you are prepared to treat yourself then anyone coming in has to offer the same – or better. Investing in yourself and giving yourself what you expect your lover to give you increases and affirms the fact you are loveable!

4: Look into your soul: Do you really want a partner? Remember, this article is about being a love magnet. Yes, all of us want as many loving connections as the universe wants to send us but if you are happy with the way things are in your life and aren’t phased about having a partner then admit that. Maybe you’d like a partner and you feel if the right person turns up that’s fine but you’re not going out of your way to do anything about it. Know that if you are content right now that’s fine and you don’t have to pretend to want anything else. In which case you’re basically home free whichever way you look at it. What you and everyone else reading this article who wants to be a love magnet wants to experience is more of that ‘L’ stuff! And believe me – love is everywhere and in so many forms. What can block it, however, is not being honest with yourself about where you are right now as your desires are not in alignment with what you are saying and doing.

When love becomes our goal as opposed to the love of one particular person or a specific type of love, we open a portal for the unlimited love of the universe to come flooding through and make all kinds of magical love connections we would never have thought possible. When we do this our capacity for love just expands and what is more – more love just finds us – it’s the law of magnetic attraction!



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