Five Soul Hacks to Heal a Broken Heart – That Actually Work!

Five Soul Hacks to Heal a Broken Heart – That Actually Work!

Many of our client’s phone for a psychic reading to navigate a broken heart. There’s nothing worse than heartbreak. The feelings of rejection, regret, abandonment, sadness, and often self-blame can not only overwhelm us psychically and mentally but can also manifest as actual physical pain. When our hearts are shattered, it feels as if we will be trapped in an abyss of grief forever. We lose sight of the bigger picture and if we’re not careful can sink into depression and self-recrimination.

Don’t despair, as you’re not alone here. Rejection and loss are part of everyone’s soul journey at some point or another, and you only have to dip into the latest celebrity news to see that no-one – no matter how rich, famous or beautiful – is immune. That being said, there are ways we can speed up the healing process, and reconnect to joy again while allowing our hearts to grieve – and they work! So, if you are currently nursing that broken heart (and the broken soul that often accompanies this), try these five simple soul-saving hacks.

1) Feel, don’t block your loss

What we resist, persists. This is a time to be gentle to yourself, which means allowing yourself to feel whatever it is you feel without judgment or telling yourself you should ‘Get over it’. Many bad decisions can be made when we block or deny our process. Loss and grief cloud our judgment and we can become so desperate for relief from our pain we jump into a situation that ends up putting us in a worse place than before, such as getting into another relationship too soon without getting to know the other person, or else we create an even more toxic situation for ourselves by attempting to self-medicate – food, alcohol, shopping – the list is endless. Don’t be afraid of your feelings.

2) Ask Your Intuition

Our inner wise one always knows what is best for us and what is going on. Although this may be difficult, take time out to meditate, turn on your psychic Satnav and ask your psychic self, your guides or your intuition – whatever you call that still, calm voice within that is always the eye of the storm – what is going on and what you need to know. Be patient, be open-minded, and if nothing comes through at first, don’t worry. If thoughts and ideas surface, write them all down in your journal. Eventually out of this process will come answers and clarity which will allow you to place what has happened into perspective. Once you can to do this, the healing process will accelerate.

3) Try the Tarot

If you cannot access your intuition via meditation right now, use your Tarot cards instead. Shuffle your deck and pick one card to tell you what you need to know RIGHT NOW about your situation. Write down every single thought or impression that comes to you. You can repeat this exercise daily and again, you will be amazed at what healing guidance emerges. (or have a reading with one of our empowering Psychic Tarot readers)

4) Do stuff in spite of your sadness

Reconnecting to something we enjoy that we may have let lapse. This can be anything from picking up an old hobby, going to the bookshop and buying self-help books, listening to music you love (and perhaps your ex didn’t like!), watching those click-flicks, painting, journaling walking – it does not need to be expensive and again, you should probably steer clear of anything that is.

Chances are if you don’t normally attend a gym, that membership may prove the be a waste of money once you begin to feel better. Even if you only spend 10 minutes a day at first doing something, increase it a little every day, and you will find yourself looking forward to your new ‘me’ time as enjoyment returns to your life.

5) Guilt, Self-Recrimination, and Beating Yourself Up Have No Place in Your Life

We have all done this to some extent or another at some point following a break-up. Your loss is no reflection of your value as a person or in any way reflects your ability to love and be loved. ‘I always *%!k it up’, ‘It’s my fault – I should have been more understanding/less demanding/more conventional’,or other Patriachal kool-aid! ‘Why didn’t I see that coming? My judgment is crap!’. First of all – own your stuff but be aware that there were TWO people in the relationship and nobody owns 100% of it. Secondly – you were fine before the person entered your life. You will be fine again without them.

When experiencing loss, we cannot help the thoughts that surface; many of these will revolve around blaming ourselves. We can, however, control how we respond to these thoughts. As I’ve said – what we resist persists. If a self-blame thought appears instead of agreeing with it or shoving it aside so it can continue to fester – instead think to yourself, ‘That’s interesting. Why am I thinking about it that way?’.


This simple way of looking at it instantly re-frames it, changes your mindset, and kick-starts your intuition, immediately looking for the answer as to why you think that! When you receive your answer -which can sometimes be instantaneous – write it down. This often reveals mindsets and beliefs that may not be our own or go way back and have been unwittingly sabotaging us all along. Once we see them for what they are, we not only heal our present situation, but we go a long way to ensuring that history no longer repeats itself.

Know that you are loveable just the way you are.

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