Your dreams interpreted: Running

The dream:

I was in a running team.  Halfway there was a table of orange juice drinks although I wanted one I did not pick it up and went on running.  Later we stopped at a big hotel and ate some fish.  Afterwards  we all went to run back to a coach that was going to pick us up and take us back home. I seemed to lose all the others and the coach was in sight but before I got there I had to run through an alleyway of cherry trees,  They seemed to be ripe and very juicy and they  fell in to my hands  which of course I ate. I never got to the coach, but the other people did not catch up either.

Adam says:  Dreams speak to us symbolically but it’s also worth looking at any practical suggestions they might be giving us too.
Along practical lines, it’s interesting to note all the food that seemed to be involved.  It might be as simple and straightforward as an encouragement to look at what you eat and increase your intake of fruit or other fresh, healthy food.  Often, wished for foods can come through in your dreams.

Symbolically speaking, running in a dream is of course very common and is often associated with worry and anxiety.  The orange in your dreams indicates energy and cherries are a sign of good fortune and fertility.  Coaches and buses are symbols of societies or groups, what Jung called the collective.

The dream seems to be talking about you going after something which is taking you away from the herd and moving towards a goal that means you are becoming more independent or following your own path but there seems to be a little anxiety around that.

It would be well worth spending some time thinking about whether there is something you are doing or would like to do that does indeed mean you are striking out on your own or need to do that, and looking at any fears that might come up as a result so that you can address them.  The oranges encourage you to know that you’ve got the energy to do whatever it is (the fact that even though you wanted a drink you didn’t take it may be a hint to do more of the things that give you energy and take better care of yourself!) and the ripe and juicy cherries indicate that you can tap into an abundance of creative ideas to help you nurture whatever it is that you want to do and also that you should keep an eye out for good fortune along the way.

When you talk about the cherries, you say, ‘they  fell in to my hands  which of course I ate’.  This shows a very healthy appreciation of abundance and an ability to make use of chances and opportunities.

All in all, this is a very encouraging dream that gives you a map of how to go after your goals and ambitions.  It suggests that you look at your fears and suggests
that when you get going you can get ahead.   It encourages you to look after yourself along the way and reminds you to enjoy the abundance when you get there!

Michele says

The first thing that springs to mind when I look at your dream is ‘taking the road less traveled’ and trusting your instincts. It seems that even though you are not ‘following the herd’ you are the one feasting on the abundance of going your own way and even though other people think that they are better off in the coach you are the one feasting on life! I always feel that we are rewarded when we express our unique soul and this dream seems to be symbolic of your ability to trust yourself. The orange could indicate your sacral chakra and your creativity. Are you picking up and following your creative ideas? Either way hopefully life is going to be a ‘bowl of cherries’ and you may even get ‘the cherry on the cake’ which all sound like good news. Ask yourself how you felt in this dream as that is usually very revealing.

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