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Meeting your angels!

Our angel guides can be traced back in biblical texts and through the many personal encounters, people have experienced with a ‘higher being’.
The angelic realm tend to send forth their guidance by leaving signs which could be a hidden message in a song you hear, a quote you come across, or even divine information coming into your psyche which you can intellectually and spiritually understand. Learning to strengthen our relationship with the angels is not always as easy as having an instant messenger type of conversation! Divine timing is separate from our human-made psychological and clock time – patience and an open spirit help in waiting for your angel answers.

The ‘third eye’ is your psychic eye. If you were asked to think back to how you celebrated your birthday last year, you could see very clearly the events in your minds eye; in the same way, once you re-direct your focus into the future, clairvoyance awakens and our guides can present clues to us in the form of images and symbolism. Visualization skills are predominantly the key to this second sight and it takes practice to achieve clear vision. First begin with visualizing a great ball of white light slowly moving towards you or depending on your beliefs you can visualize Jesus, Buddha, or Mary. The more you dedicate time to this practice, the stronger the presence will be. Once you have internally opened this channel, you can then commune with your guides anywhere!

Your spiritual nourishment doesn’t have to be assigned to sitting in front of a home-made altar; you might be a complete city-dweller and thrive on the hustle-bustle lifestyle!  There have been fascinating stories such as a British man who became a self-made millionaire and entrepreneur after a hill-walking expedition resulted in him meeting with his spirit guide during a quick meditation on top of the mountain.
Our guides want us to remember that emotional fulfilment, financial success, joy and peace are things that were always meant for us. There is enough of it to go around and hopefully, these reflective techniques can help you on your way. Remember we are in a very exciting, modern and contemporary period of time with boundless opportunity!

1)    Asking your guides for abundance and prosperity

Wanting to have a healthier bank balance doesn’t have to be for superficial or materialistic reasons; financial security is scientifically linked to peace of mind and less stress. However, the more you have the greater the responsibility so use your money wisely and for your higher good. The saying ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ is true, as long as your motives are pure and for the right reasons. Logically, we could all manage our finances better by tracking incoming vs. outgoing and getting our priorities straight! but what about manifesting and cosmic ordering? This is where the law of attraction and working with your guides is most important. Our guides understand our human ways and know that to some people, success is having food on the table with a family who are happy and healthy. Here is your chance to work with divine energy and wait for the results!  Take a look at your own life and decide what wealth and success means to you – ask your guides to make known to you what you perceive to be your own version of ‘abundance’. Believe they will provide and wait patiently.
If you are waiting for more cash to play around with, ask your guides to take the reigns and find the pathway for you to follow. Visualize yourself as already having increased prosperity, put your intention out there into the universe and visualize yourself as a money magnet. Track your progress.

2) Finding love

When you’re single and feeling ready to start looking for a relationship, it can be frustrating when you just can’t seem to find that spark with someone regardless of how hard you try. Sometimes it just comes down to the right timing but what about consulting our guides instead of relying purely on human judgement? Let your guides and the universe know that you are ready and waiting! By doing this you are spiritually sending your energy into the world and allowing potential lovers to feel that vibe and move towards you. Embrace your sexuality and believe that you are coming closer and closer to the relationship you have been visualizing. You may then start to feel the need to give yourself a make-over and end up feeling powerfully charged to get yourself back out there. The dating scene can be terrifying and knock your confidence along the way but it can also be liberating in helping you understand yourself. It may be that your guides help you re-adjust your mindset after a dreadful date from ‘that was awful’, to ‘that was hilarious. Never again. Now I’m ready to take these experiences and transform myself’. Believe in love with humour.

3) Healing

Everyone had a childhood or a painful past in some way or other. Sometimes these wounds never completely leave us but we learn to live with them until they decide to crop up (mercury retrograde to blame!). Counselling and therapy are fantastic conventional healing services but there is also a great power in spiritual healing; it is the type of healing that is felt on a profound level without a textbook analysis. Our beliefs are a source of comfort, a solace in times of pain. Meditation is the doorway to meeting your guides and in accordance with your chosen spiritual path/religion, we can experience real divine love. I once meditated with a shaman and asked my angels to shower me with love and what came changed my life – it was a love I felt cradled in, an eternal feeling that left me speechless. A 40 minute meditation would be appropriate to get to that stage of ‘bliss’, so if you’re easily distracted it might be worth while to use a guided meditation on YouTube or just healing music. Try this once a week for the short-term and reflect on your emotional shift.

With love, Alesso x

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