Can Spirit Guides Fix Our Lives? Tune In With Michele Knight

Can spirit guides fix our lives? How to Tune into your spirit guide

Hey Soul Warrior, have you ever wondered can Spirit Guides fix our life? Never has there been a greater time to connect with our spirit guides, I know that lots of you are interested in spirit guides.  So who are our spirit guides? our spirit buddies can be people who have crossed over, our higher selves or even our future selves talking across the universe from one of our potential futures.  We all have spirit guides and they play a valuable role in our lives.  But one question often asked is, if they are there to guide us, why don’t spirit guides stop bad things happening to us?

If you’ve read my biography,  Touched by Evil, you’ll know that I had a twin sister, Lucy, who died at birth.  She was with me throughout my difficult and painful childhood.  She’d appear when I was in trouble (often) and sometimes make it obvious to me what I had to do.

Can Spirit Guides Warn Us Of Danger?

So if Spirit Guides can fix our life, can they warn us of danger? You do hear stories about spirit guides telling people to slow down when they are driving in a way that helps them avoid accidents they see further down the road.  But generally, spirit guides can’t actually stop things happening to us.  That would mean that they have control over all sorts of things and people that they just don’t have.

They can warn us though.  And, as their name suggests, they can guide us into taking action which means we can duck what life throws at us or swerve around it altogether.

How Do Spirit Guides Work?

Spirit guides work in the same way as our own psychic intuition.  They can do their very best to get through to us, but we have to make the space to let them in.  Often, we don’t listen to them for all the same reasons that we don’t listen to our own psychic intuition.  We meet someone new and our spirit guides give us a nudge that there’s something not quite right about them.  We ignore it and go on to discover it the hard way.  I got myself mixed up into all sorts of things that weren’t good for me when I was young, despite Lucy’s best warnings.

Can A Spirit Guide Harm You?

Spirit guides would never tell you to hurt yourself or anyone else, Spirit guides never dictate what we do or bring any negative intention for us or others.  They work for our highest good. I often hear an Owl when my mother has a message for me or dream of a snake when there is a person I should watch out for. Occasionally I will have a dream where an old fashioned phone is ringing and I know it’s a psychic message from spirit and important things are going on.

Keeping A Spirit Guide Journal

Keep a journal of the images, symbols of psychic messages that they pass to you, even if you don’t act on what they communicate.  Over time, you may see patterns or realise the wisdom of what they were trying to show you.

Have spirit guides ever helped you out of a bad situation or actually done something that stopped whatever might have happened? Post your stories below!

Loads of love,

Michele x

One thought on “Can Spirit Guides Fix Our Lives? Tune In With Michele Knight

  1. There has been a few times I felt like I was being warned or guided but figured it was just me but one time it was the most clear undeniable experience ever. I didnt ljsten. I was told to run…run need to run now. I sae images in my head of a tiger and a bunny and the tiger was chasing the bunny then attacks it…I think there was also another scenario but I don’t remember exactly at this point as it was like 13 years ago. I didn’t listen to this warning and suffered 6 long years in a very abusive relationship years of physical amd mental torture. I know now more than ever that was someone a spirit guide or angel or whatever it was warning me. As I become more aware I will take my intuition and any other messages seriously. I appreciate whoever it was trying lol

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