Could your front door colour influence your home? Hell, yes!

Blue door, grass house, magical entrance

Could your front door colour influence your home? Hell, yes!

We all know a bit about colour meanings because we can feel them intuitively. When we don a bright red scarf we feel the flicker of vitality.

When we gaze into the azure blue skies, we experience a sense of calm and tranquillity. Yet it’s deeper than that. Colour has a vibration that influences us. The good news is that we can transform the energy of our home with a simple lick of paint!

Using colour for healing

There’s no doubt, colours can be used for healing, mood enhancement, personal growth, communication; in fact, the spectrum of colour meanings and their influence is virtually endless.

We can even use colours to express positive intentions within the home. In fact, the ancient Asian art of Feng Shui is based on the manipulation physical environment to induce positive energy flow. We can use colour to enhance our homes and boost our energy at the same time!

Observation is key

When I worked on the TV series “Housebusters” on channel 5 one of the first things I tuned into was the front door. It is after all the gateway into our sanctuary and a portal of magic! How do you feel when you come home? What energy do you want to invite in and what vibe is your front door giving off?

Red Door Meanings

Aside from an invigorating feel the colour red gives; it’s also a sign of welcome and luck. Early North American settlers painted their doors as a sign of good neighbour and hospitality. Folklore indicates a weary traveler could stop at a home with a red door and be assured a good meal and a peaceful night’s stay. Catholic churches often bear a red door as a symbol of the sacrificial blood of Christ – an ultimate statement of love. In Feng Shui, a red door is symbolic of an opening of “chi” or energy and is very auspicious.

Orange Door Meanings

Orange is a colour associated with Mercury, which is the swiftest of the planets. Indeed the planet as the fleet-footed Roman god is symbolic of for reception, communication, perception, commerce, movement, intelligence and flexibility. With these kinds of qualities, it might be a good idea to paint your business door orange. Mercury (Hermes in Greek) would honour such a motion, as he’s the god of merchants and business trade.

Yellow Door Meanings

If you need a lift out of the doldrums, paint your doors yellow. Particularly your interior doors because yellow has a way of lighting us up from the inside out. Yellow is symbolic of clarity, intellect, creativity, and has a positive charge. Yellow is also a unifying colour, and thought to be the bridge between heaven and earth. This fits too when we see yellow affiliated with the solar plexus chakra – the centre, or radiating sun of prana (energy)

Green Door Meanings

Green bursts with images of spring, and so green is symbolic of renewal, growth, rejuvenation and transformation. It’s associated with the earth, and can provide grounding energies. Green is also used in holistic healing practices because it promotes physical well-being as well as compassion. Ancient ways often prescribed wearing green to appeal to nature spirits to reinforce protective forces.

Blue Door Meanings

If you’re an artist, you may want to consider painting your studio door blue because this colour will appeal to your inner muse. Blue is a colour of imagination, dreams, freedom, inspiration and sensitivity. Jupiter is aligned with the colour blue, so we get an expansive, magical feel when we are surrounded by it. Blue is the colour of heaven and water, so it’s deep and fluid. It’s also symbolic of cleansing and purity.

Violet/Purple Door Meanings

With symbolism such as love, wisdom, meditation, nurturing, compassion and spirituality this colour is the perfect choice for if you need a peaceful energy to flow through your home. Violet shows up in Catholicism on the Advent and Easter because it is symbolic of mindfulness and an awareness of and spiritual union with Christ. Purple is also a sacred colour of priestesses, the Goddesses, and witchy souls.Purple is a smart choice for doors in your meditation rooms or areas where you indulge quiet, soulful contemplations, devotionals or prayer. Purple makes your home a temple, on the one hand good, on the other hand many may come knocking for healing and support!

White Door Meanings

Affiliated with the moon, white doors can serve as a gateway with symbolic connotations of cycles, time, transition, clarity and feminine power. White also exudes an energy of cleanliness and purity. If you’ve had a break up and had to kick your mate to the curb, consider whitewashing your front door as a cleansing ritual. A fresh start, and a clear indication you’re reading to move to a new (and better) phase of your life.

Brown Door Meanings

It’s a common sight, brown doors. Probably because the colour is connected with deep rich soil – and that is symbolic of grounding, structure, stability – solid “earthy” energy. It makes sense too. Our homes are where we regroup. They are our foundation and headquarters. It only makes sense to have a strong, stable colour to partner with our home base.

Black Door Meanings

Not for the faint at heart, black doors will appeal to those of you who love a thick veil of mystery in your life. You’re the ones who can keep secrets like stones keep silence. Magic moves behind black doors. Interestingly, in Spain black is the colour used by the court system, and is symbolic of formality and dignity. In the East, black is a yin principle and is considered feminine energy.

What colour is your door?

I trust you enjoyed these thoughts on the colour meanings of doors. Now you’ve discovered the magic of your front door colour, I hope it inspires you to get your paintbrushes out,  and grab a pail of paint with a hue that is a perfect match to your cosmic intention!



3 thoughts on “Could your front door colour influence your home? Hell, yes!

  1. I was very inquisitive and opened two separate brown single doors. Nothing scary. Although, in my awakening life, I am wanting a new job. Perhaps I will have my opportunity soon.

  2. I just have been dreaming awake. Everytime i close my eyes, for like 4days now, i dream awake about a simultaneous white door and a black door, it changes from black to white in a question of seconds. When i see the door closed and black, i see garbage everywhere. It’s like a feeling that i’m in a middle of garbage and everywhere i look it’s literally garbage. Then for seconds it changes to white. Everything around me. Not just the door. Like a clean place.i dont know what this means. I’ve been searching on the internet, it says so many things but i felt this one, putting together is the meaning of my visions: when the door is closed (i only see them closed and they change so fast i can’t even think about open it) it means that something in my life is changing, i havenew opportunitties that i wasted that’s why it’s still closed and that’s why it keeps changing. Because i’m wasting my opportunities worrying about what can happen andnot actually making a final decision. So it changes back to black. But then i know i want to change. So the door keeps changing until i find my solution and stop worrying. If anyone gets this awake dream/visions then thisis the explanation for what you’ve been experiencing.

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