The World

Reward and Completion

Happy days! The World represents completion, the finish of one journey and leads back to the Fool and the start of a new journey. This is a card of success and happiness. Even if things look difficult at the moment a peak experience is on it’s way to you. How do you feel about your world? What would be the best outcome for you at this time? Good news is on the way!

The World card and your love life – Otherwise known as the best card in the pack! The world is at your feet and love should become easy and give you a sense of completion. Things will be looking up. Of course the world is always turning so we can’t rest on our laurels but right now all should be well in your world and love should become something to celebrate. Of course, love can mean many things and this card urges you to walk in love in all ways, not just passion and romance. Either a current relationship becomes what you want it to become or new love pops up and it really is covered in roses! Be patient but also expect a positive outcome.