Quiz – Are you connected to your soul power?

Your connection to your power is linked to your ability to co-create your life and shapes how it unfolds.  This quiz is designed to tease out where you are deeply connected to your own spiritual power, and where you might be leaking power or actually giving it away.

As you read the questions below, mark the one that most honestly matches your beliefs or behaviour and scroll down to the bottom to see how you score.


soul psychicYou get turned down for a job you wanted.  What’s your response?

a)      It’s obviously a clear message that I’m on the wrong path.

b)      I try to get past any hurt feelings to see if I’m heading in the wrong direction or if there’s something I need to learn so that I can improve the skills I would need in my field or do a stronger interview in the future. That way I can give it a better go next time.

c)       If they can’t see how amazing I am, it’s their loss!  My confidence might get a bashing in the moment, but I just pick myself up and keep going.


buddha gif


Which of the following most closely resembles your philosophy of life?

a)      Our lives are laid out before we’re born.  If it’s meant to be, it will happen.

b)      Our future isn’t set in stone and I think we’re here to learn through experience so that we have more influence in what unfolds.

c)       Everything that happens to us is down to our efforts.  If you want something, you just have to go for it and if you work hard enough, you’ll get there.





horoscopeWhat’s your attitude to horoscopes?

a)      I read quite a few versions of my horoscope and pick the one that gives me the most positive view of what’s going to happen.

b)      I read my horoscope to check what the planets are up to so that I can work with the energy of how they play out in my sign or personal chart.

c)       I never read my horoscope.  What happens in my life is all down to me, not what’s going on in the stars.


decisionHow do you go about making a decision?

a)      I find it really difficult.  I do ask other people what they think I should do, but even then I struggle to get round to actually doing something in case I get it wrong.

b)      The more impact a decision will have on my life, the more carefully I go about it.  I’ll research my options and at the same time try and stay open for any signs or intuitive hunches that I get and they feed in to what I end up doing.

c)       I just make them and move on.  If I’ve made the wrong one, I just make another.  The important thing is to keep looking forward, not going back over old ground.


psychic decisionWhich of the following statement most matches your experience of being single?

a)      I know I shouldn’t, but I sort of put parts of my life on hold until I’m in a relationship.   I can’t get around the feeling that there is a big gap in my life that I know a relationship would fill.

b)      I stay open to the idea of meeting someone, but there’s a lot to be said for just being able to please yourself!  I can look back and see that the times I’ve been single have been amazing in terms of the directions I’ve followed that I might not have been able to do if I’d had to take someone else’s needs into consideration.

c)       I think it’s all about how you play the cards you’re dealt.  I throw myself into everything one hundred per cent.  There’ve been periods where I’ve used time alone to get on in my career and others where I’ve decided I do want to meet someone so I go all out to do that!



psychic wishYou buy a lamp from a junk shop and as you’re cleaning it a Genie pops up and says that you can ask any one question you want and you will be given a truthful answer.  What kind of question are you most likely to ask?

a)      What’s going to happen to me?

b)      What within me needs transforming and how do I go about it?

c)       Who on earth are you and what are you doing in my lamp?


intuitionYou get a really strong hunch that you should do something in particular.  What do you do?

a)      I ask my friends or people who know me what they think about it.  If they think it’s a good idea, I go ahead, but if they don’t, I drop it.

b)      I stay with the feeling to double check it’s a genuine intuition and not just a whim or a knee jerk reaction to something, and if I’m sure it’s pure intuition, I act on it.

c)       If it’s along the lines of what I was going to do anyway, I’ll take it as confirmation.  If it isn’t, I ignore it.


psychic decisionA conversation with someone you know reveals that you both see something very differently or hold opposing views on a subject.  What do you do?

a)      I automatically think I must be wrong.

b)      I listen to what they have to say but ultimately we all have to decide for ourselves what we think is right.

c)       I explain why they are wrong and hopefully they get it!



psychic intuitionA brilliant opportunity comes your way, but it means a major change to your current life.  What do you do?

a)      Play for time whilst I ask people who know me what they think I should do.

b)      Wow!  If it’s right, I’ll take it and I’ll do my best to integrate the changes so that I can keep what’s already good in my life and add more.

c)       You wouldn’t see me for dust!  I’d grab it with both hands and be off in a heartbeat!


taking care nurturing youHow good are you at nurturing yourself?

a)      I know what I should do, but I never really follow through with anything.  I get pretty stressed but I can never find the time to meditate and I signed up for a yoga class last year and only managed to get to two classes.  It’s all a bit like that.

b)      I’ve got a pretty good balance.  Sometimes life gets very busy and I don’t make time for the things that I know will best support me, but then that’s really a false economy as I can feel my energy going through the floor!

c)       If I get to the point where I can feel my stress levels are going through the roof I’ll have a massage or maybe go to a spa if I can stretch to it, but it’s not really part of my focus at any other time.


scary witchWhat’s your understanding of fear?

a)      Fear is a warning that you’re heading into danger and should turn back.

b)      Fear is information.  When you feel it, you have to work out what you’re really afraid of.  Is it giving you a real warning, or is it a clue that you’re pushing up against the edge of your current experience and could be about to expand it into amazing new territory if you support yourself through it in the right way?

c)       Fear is there to be smashed through.


Now add up your scores

Mostly A

It looks like somewhere along the line you’ve lost your connection to your own power.  That might be down to experiences early on or throughout your life that made you decide deep down that there was nothing you could do that would have an impact on anything that happens, or you might have actually given bits away here and there without being totally aware of what you were doing or what would happen as a result.  The good news is that you can turn this around.  You are divine and connected to the whole just like everyone else.

If you want to start reclaiming your power, begin with some soul searching to reveal any payoffs you might be trying to gain by giving it away.   Others can try and take our power from us and we can give it up in return for what we hope will then be a quiet life, but sometimes we can feel tempted to give away our power so that we can avoid responsibility for our own happiness and even our destiny.  We can hope that someone or something will step in and take care of us if we won’t or don’t take care of ourselves.

The truth is, the only thing you get from giving your power away is less power, which means you erode your own ability to co-create the life you want.  If you’re not sure where to start, read the other answers to the questions to give you ideas about different ways of going about things.

Learning to meditate is always a brilliant place to start as it puts you in a place of stillness where you can connect with your own intuition, observe your own thoughts and sift out those that are authentically yours and those that are thought viruses – other people’s ideas that have ended up in your mind that you’ll want to gently usher out!

You can reclaim your life one baby step at a time or in leaps and bounds.  Even the speed at which you do it is down to you!  You’ll find loads of free resources on this site to help you in what will turn out to be an amazing journey that can start right away!

Mostly B

When it comes to seeing yourself as master or mistress of your own destiny, you’ve got a good balance going on between engaging practical reality and nurturing and paying attention to your divine source of inner guidance and connection to the whole.  You’re likely to have goals and ambitions, but you’re probably less attached to what actually happens in life and more interested in how you can stretch and expand yourself through every experience so that you can be at your most creative and stay open to possibilities that actually might be better than those you thought of yourself.

You work to tune up your psychic antennae and field of awareness which allows you to weave together all of the elements in the cosmos in the creation of your life.  Discerning what information is valid and what you can consider and then put to one side is important to you.

You’ve probably spent some time pondering or working with a few esoteric principles, such as the Law of Attraction, the Tao paradox of not-doing  as a way of getting everything done, or the hermetic idea changing your inner world to influence an external reality.  If you keep working as you are doing, you’re going to deepen your connection to your true and authentic power and enhance your abilities to co-create your life!

Mostly C

You definitely see yourself as master or mistress of your life, but you might even find the word ‘destiny’ itself far too woo-woo for your liking!  As far as you’re concerned, if you can’t see it, smell it, touch it or taste it, you don’t have time to debate whether it exists or not and you’d rather get on by yourself and leave the metaphysical pondering to people who’ve got time for that sort of thing.

You’ve probably got some incredible results already by just putting your mind to something with one hundred per cent focus and setting yourself to go full steam ahead.  At some point, however, you stopped believing in anything magical or mystical.  It doesn’t really matter why.  It could just be the result of having the idea that such things don’t exist being drummed into you.  What’s more important is that you at least give yourself the opportunity to connect with the far greater whole that you’re already a part of so that you can see what that’s like.

If you’ve ever seen the Magician in the Rider Waite Tarot deck, what the card shows is really just an ordinary mortal who is drawing down power from the cosmos and blending it in an alchemical process with all of the elements of experience in the process of creation.  You have that capacity within you.  You are amazing.  Now imagine what you can achieve when you have the entire universe working on your side!  If you wanted to go that route, where you do start?  Again, you’ll find loads of free resources here that will give you ideas on what to explore.

For you, it’s important that you get results quickly otherwise you can talk yourself out of any kind of spiritual exploration. Research has shown that just six hours of meditation can be enough to start literally rewiring the brain and making you feel more relaxed, and in that relaxed state you can create a space in which you can connect with the divine side of yourself that you are shutting out, so set yourself a six week challenge of meditating for twenty minutes a day for just one month and see how you feel at the end of it.  It’s not much to invest in what actually could turn out to be the start of the most incredible journey you could possibly take!

loads of love,

Michele x

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