Numerology – Which Tarot Card Are You?

which tarot card are you

The 22 Major Arcana cards from the tarot deck chart the soul’s journey through all of our incarnations, describing all of the different challenges that we will meet along the way – but did you know that your birth date can tell you which particular card from the Major Arcana has the most influence on your current life?

If you want to know which card you were born under, all you need to do is add up the numbers from your date of birth. If the final figure you arrive at is greater than 21, then you add those numbers to reduce them to a single figure. The number you are left with tells you which card you were born under.

So, if your date of birth is the 20th August 1981, write this out as 20/08/1981. Add these as follows: 2+0+0+8+1+9+8+1. This gives you a total of 29. As this is greater than 21, then add 2+1 to get the final total of 3. If this is your birthdate, it means that your birthcard is The Empress!

Once you have worked out which card you were born under, you can read how it will influence your life below!

0/ The Fool

The Fool

steps out into the unknown, sure that the universe will provide! For those born under the influence of The Fool, life will be a magical journey full of ups and downs and amazing experiences. It could mean a life packed with travel and adventure, but it can also mean a life spent journeying inwards to find out who you truly are.

You may need to guard against being reckless and impulsive as this could result in consequences further down the line that you didn’t see coming at the time, but with this card guiding your life, it can also mean that taking those risks could pay back in spades. Many say that The Fool is already enlightened in that he embraces all experiences with an open heart and no judgment and is wiser than he sometimes looks. If this is your card, you may often feel that you are very protected throughout all of your adventures.

1/ The Magician


has the power to manifest anything. If this is your birth card, you have the gift of being able to turn your wildest dreams into reality. Committed to getting what you want, you can create and enjoy all of the abundance life has to offer and have the ability to focus on your goals completely.

The Magician also can charm everyone, but do make sure that you use your powers of persuasion wisely as the shadow side of the Magician means that you may be tempted to manipulate others around to your way of thinking or doing things. You certainly have the power and your life’s journey is all about learning to harness it and use it wisely.

2/ The High Priestess

high priestess tarot card

The High Priestess is lives their intuition, wisdom, and knowledge. If this is your birth card, you will probably feel a lifelong pull toward anything esoteric or mysterious. The High Priestess is also a great keeper of secrets. You know things, you see things and your wisdom runs deep.

Your life’s journey will involve honing your intuition and learning when to speak out and act and when to stay silent and be still. Meditation will certainly help you enhance your natural gifts and help you gain clarity about what to do with them. Make sure you keep a dream journal and trust your inner wisdom at all times.

3/ The Empress


is the archetypal nurturer who gives birth to everything! If this is your birth card, you will be blessed with strong instincts and abilities to nurture and create. This applies to relationships but will also extend to all kinds of creativity in business or the arts.

Fabulously sensual, The Empress is also famous for focusing on pleasures of all kinds and a great appreciation of beauty and nature. Watch out for a love of luxury and indulgence and understand that not everyone may respond to you as being the Goddess that you undoubtedly are, as the shadow side of The Empress is that she can become angry and be controlling if her rule is challenged.

4/ The Emperor


is a strong, masculine figure with powerful authority. Those ruled by this birth card are highly organized and fantastic natural leaders. Ambitious and protective, you may find that you can wisely wield the power that you seek.

Blessed with boundless self-discipline, you can succeed at anything you set out to achieve but may have to watch a tendency to tread on those you see as being weaker. You were born powerful and your life’s journey will involve learning how to combine this with compassion to be a true visionary and wise leader in whatever situation you find yourself in.

5/ The Hierophant


represents social structures and rules and particularly the kinds of beliefs that they are built on. If this is your birth card, you may find that you spend a great deal of time working out what it’s all about and exploring different philosophies and ways of looking at the world.

At various points in your life, you could find yourself having to decide whether to stay with the herd and be safe or follow your heart to discover what is true for you. Others will see you as being solid and reliable. You may need to work on a tendency to become a little too rigid when you feel threatened and may need to be persuaded that some rules are made to be broken.

6/ The Lovers

The Lovers

You stand for love – but it also represents choice! If this is your card, you will almost certainly find your path through life strewn with temptations and opportunities that could take you in all sorts of exciting directions – but which way will you go? The folks figures in the card can also be seen as complimentary energies of yin and yang, giving and recieving.

Your life’s journey will involve learning how to unite opposites to create a magnificent whole. Remember, the card also shows an Angel, meaning you can access divine protection and inspiration if you are pulled around in a dilemma.

7/ The Chariot


The Chariot is about fast movement and using your will to pull together forces that otherwise might gallop off in different directions! Your life’s journey is all about learning how to control your emotions and needs, working out a direction for yourself, and managing to hold everything together even at those times when it seems life is moving forward at a fantastic pace.

No matter how stagnant at times, never fear; your life will always move forward. The most important thing to remember is that your thoughts and beliefs are the petrol in your Chariots engine. What you believe will be the GPS.

8/ Strength


Strength is about always having the extra momentum to contiue. Nothing can defeat you but your lesson is that Strength isn’t brute force but gentleness. Being born under the influence of this card means that you have huge inner strength and can pick yourself up and keep going no matter how often life seems to knock you down.

Your life’s journey is about maintaining harmony and balance, both within yourself and in any circumstances you find yourself in. You may also find that you have natural healing abilities. You are a force to be reckoned with, believe in you.

9/ The Hermit


If this is your birth card, you may often find yourself in situations where either you choose to take time out to be alone or find yourself thrown upon your inner resources. The path of The Hermit is all about developing your own inner wisdom.

You may feel drawn towards taking regular retreats where you will be able to look within to develop your understanding and look for answers. Your life’s journey is a personal quest for understanding and shining your own light on your path. You may find that others are drawn towards you to ask your advice, or you may meet more than one mentor who can guide you onwards and upwards.

10/ The Wheel of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune represents a turn of fate – usually for the better! If this is your birth card, you will be blessed with many opportunities that seem to arrive out of the blue. You could find yourself continually surprised by the drastic uncanny turns of events. There’s a mystic fairytale vibe to your life.

Chance meetings, dream job offers, and gorgeous strangers stopping you on the way to the cinema are all these and more! Ruled by expansive Jupiter, you can expect regular doses of luck that you can’t explain. Your life’s journey is learning how to spot the opportunities as they come up and how to make the most of the many offers that seem to fall into your lap.

11/ Justice


Justice represents justice of all kinds – including karmic justice! Your life’s journey is all about exploring all things to do fairness and weighing things up carefully before acting. Because this card talks just as much about karmic justice as the kind dished out by courts, things may not always turn out as you hope they will, and at these times you will have to learn to trust that a greater mystery is at work and a deeper justice is playing out.

You would make a good lawyer, social justice activist or freedom fighter.

12/  The Hanged One

The Hanged One

The Hanged One is actually quite deceptive. If this is your birth card, it may look like not much is happening on the surface a lot of the time but, as Neptune rules this card, you can expect loads of hidden depths and things going on beneath the surface. As this card shows a man literally hanging upside down, you may have quite an unusual way of looking at things and could be a visionary in your own right.

It also talks about the importance of not rushing into things, but taking the time to contemplate before action. You may also often feel the need to put aside your own desires to serve a higher cause.

13/ Death


Death signals transformation and rebirth. Your life’s journey is about breaking free of old patterns and structures and letting go of whatever no longer serves you. You may find that your life is scattered with endings, but remember that the energy of this card is all about clearing away the old to make way for the new.

Every ending signals a new beginning and a fresh start, so whatever happens, you will always have the opportunity to build something amazing from scratch. To make the most of the energy of this card, focus firmly on the future and practice letting go of the past with love.

14/ Temperance


Temperance talks about balance in your life. Your particular life lesson is all about learning how to keep dozens of plates spinning all at once! You’ll know when you’re out of balance because you’ll be working at the expense of your personal life, or partying so hard that your health could begin to suffer.

You could even be frequently challenged to restore harmony amongst others who seem to have locked heads – but you’ve got the patience and charm to pull it off. Make sure that all of the elements of your life work in harmony and you’ll be an amazing influence to everyone around you.

15/ The Devil

The Devil

The Devil is the arch-showman and ruler of the material world. On the one hand, your life could often feel like a three ringed circus, with lots of fabulous entertainment to enjoy and good times. Their shadow side means that they can trick you into fears, compulsions and addictions, and your life’s journey is all about seeing through The Devil’s illusions and realising that no one has any power over you but you. Step into your power and watch all his smoke and mirror tricks melt into nothing.

16/ The Tower

The Tower

The Tower tarot card life path talks about sudden and sometimes cataclysmic changes of all kinds. You may feel that your life gets shaken up regularly and wonder when things will be stable and peaceful. It could seem that you’re always moving house, changing jobs or dealing with one thing after another.

Tower energy is dramatic and powerful but, like an earthquake, it is always short-lived. Trust that whatever passes out of your life was meant to go and learn to enjoy the rapid succession of new experiences that get thrown your way. The Tower can also refer to sudden breakthroughs in understanding. Your life may not be peaceful, but it will undoubtedly be spectacular!

17/ The Star

the star

The Star! This lovely card promises that you will be guided and protected throughout your life’s journey. The Star talks about the presence of hope and creativity. Your life’s journey is all about following divine inspiration and enjoying harmony. There will always be light at the end of any tunnel you face. You’re inspired and inspiring. The more you create, the better you feel.

18/ The Moon

The Moon

This Lunar Lovely is all about deep feelings and intuitions. Your life’s journey is all about learning how to develop your inner wisdom so that you will be able to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Remember, even the most familiar road looks different at night and the Moon can trick you into seeing things that aren’t there.

Focus on developing thinking clearly and staying tuned in with your sense of direction to make the most of your innate powers of intuition.

19/ The Sun

the sun

The Sun is a joyful path, which bounds in with bags of fun and energy. If this is your birth card, you are blessed with a life of joy and good fortune. Your life’s journey is all about making the most of your enthusiasm and energy. Full of confidence, you’ll be able to succeed at anything you throw yourself into and could also find yourself the center of attention.

20/ Judgement


Judgment represents a call from a higher place to a higher ground. If this is your birth card, your life’s journey is onwards and upwards. This means leaving the past behind you, letting go of old grudges, failings and resentments, and moving forwards to embrace your destiny. If that sounds dramatic, it is!

If you follow your path fearlessly, you will be led towards your true purpose and it will mean that you will have to show great courage and perseverance to embrace all of the possibilities that will unfold. But this card promises that, no matter how hard it may look, this path is yours to walk and you will receive divine protection.

21/ if The World

the world

Woo Hoo! If the World is your birth card, you will get to experience victory over obstacles and the freedom of infinite potential. This is the card of dreams coming true and finding solutions to your problems. It is a kind of happy, ever after card.

The shadow side of The World means that you may get so lost in the big picture that you forget to tie up loose ends and find that your energy is dissipated in a hundred projects that never get off the ground. The promise of The World is completion and joy, so know that you have what it takes to finish everything that you start, to be successful, and find happiness.

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  1. How spooky, my favourite card is always Strength and I added up my birthdate and BINGO it was the Strength card. I guess that is why I have been sent lots of hard challenges throughout my life. Thank you Michele.

  2. This is a cool concept but who would fall under the Fool card? No ones birthday narrow down to a single digit would end up in Zero.

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