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what people say about Lijah

Lijah has an incredible ability to pick up verbal agreements, intentions and details concerning personal interactions to the point of being a psychic security camera of sorts. It’s like she can walk you right to the situation, tell you about it and then add in numerology and pendulum’s confirming her … read more

by Serena

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what people say about Nativity

This is my second review for Nativity mainly because I simply had to leave some feedback on her readings and predictions. All her predictions have materialised! This lady is warm and utterly beautiful in her delivery and she has the ability to get straight to the matter and describe situations … read more

by S

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what people say about Niyah

I’d like to send my gratitude and leave some feedback for the wonderful, talented Niyah who has read for me on several occasions. Not only is she intellectually and emotionally intelligent, with the ability to hone in on the finer details of situations and characteristics of people involved but she … read more

by Diane

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what people say about Iona

“Iona gave a reading with good detail on my current situation highlighting past issues with patterns including ancestorial links as evidence. I particularly liked the detail in connections relating to relationship dynamics with a multitude of people in my past and present. If you are looking for a reading which … read more

by F

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what people say about Honey

Honey… a great name for this reader, she is kind and so very sweet during readings. She is able to navigate the spiritual realm with pronounced clarity. Honey is a hard worker during readings, she will work with spirit for insights and answers diligently striving to deliver a excellent reading. … read more

by Serena

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