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Hello Beautiful Soul,

This week I am sharing an interactive Angel Card reading with you. Play the introduction video and then focus on the 6 cards. Use your intuition to pick the Angel card that you are drawn to. See if any of the 6 cards jump out at you. When you have done that then play the corresponding Angel Card Video and listen to my interpretation. After you have watched the video take some time to ask the Universe to give you more wisdom on the subject. I’m thinking of doing these on a regular basis so would love to know what you think? Leave me a comment below and of course if you love it, it would be wonderful if you could share it. If I get enough feedback I will try to do a lot more of them.

Sending so much love

Michele xx







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8 thoughts on “Your interactive Angel Card reading

  1. I choose #5 at first because of my daughter and myself sharing that same number and oh boy did it resonate and I’m about to take an epsom salt bath…lol. Originally I was going to choose #3 because it’s my life path number so commitment resonates in my being

  2. I choose card 3 I am waiting on a reply for a job. I will be committed to the job as it’s something I am very passionate about just hope I get it xx

  3. I picked 3 and immediately my stomach churned at the word commitment…. I guess I have some work to do in this area… Thank you… a lovely interactive way too connect xxx

  4. Hi Michele, I liked this! I was drawn mostly to 3 which was Commitment, thinking it meant committing to getting goals accomplished. 4 and 6 drew me too, but, did not resonate as much, Enjoyed the intro too.

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