Tarot Card Reading – Choose A Card

three card tarot reading free tarot reading

Your Tarot reading. Fancy a quick intuitive delve? We have an amazing ability to bump into synchronicities and signs when we need them. Do you feel one of these three Tarot cards has a message for you? Take a deep breath, gaze at the card backs, and pick the one (if any) that stands out.

Let me know how you get on.

Love Michele

three card tarot reading free tarot reading

Tarot Card One – The World

the world

Good news! You are building up to an extraordinary time, and going to have a peak experience. You are approaching deep fulfillment when all is well and you’ve achieved one of your desires. There is a sense of peace and stillness as you feel you have made it. Of course, like the Wheel of Fortune, the World is always turning. You are soon to tip into a brand-spanking new cycle. Your spirit is expanding as you enter the next intoxicating chapter. 

You’re arriving at a successful conclusion. Your journey may have been tough, but you’ve done the work and earned it. There may have been challenging lessons; they might have knocked you down, yet you’ve made it! There’s a massive energetic shift coming as a fresh chapter begins.

Tarot Card Two – The Wheel of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune

There are deeper forces at work than you realise! Your soul has a plan that is about to manifest! Some things in this mysterious life are meant to be. You’re either in that ‘fated’ moment or about to bump into it. Your heart is going to receive a message from the Universe. A positive change is coming as the cycle of life turns.

The cycles on our soul’s journey are essential for growth. What patterns are you repeating? How can you step off the wheel of repeat experiences? You have the power! Unleash your wild, free banshee and create unique magic in the moment. Your heart says don’t be a victim of the past. You are strong and eternal; you can shape your destiny and fate.

Tarot Card Three – The Sun

the sun

The Sun is warming, empowering and recharging you. Feel unconditional love radiating in your heart. It’s your time for happiness and joy now. There’s a sense of playfulness coming in.

Do you allow yourself space to be silly? It’s time to put technology down and run about like a kid again! Make the time to have fun, and fun is a miracle worker at clearing blocks and rebooting our heart chakra.

The Sun is the source of all life on our planet, so its appearance means that it’s a great time to launch into anything you fancy doing – starting a business or heading out to travel the world!

The Sun is urging you to hang out with, be playful with, souls that make you laugh. Happiness is coming your way as the Cosmos switches the light on in your heart.




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