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Your Guarantee

All my psychics are hand picked. I only take on the very best psychics and all psychics are tested several times before they get a final test with me. I want you to find the perfect psychic for you who will be able to give you very detailed information. To make sure you have the ideal match I offer a 5 minute guarantee with all credit card bookings. In the unlikely event you are not totally blown away in the first 5 minutes just hang up the phone within the 5 minutes and you will either be able to switch to another one of our award winning psychics or get a full refund. Enjoy!

Any problems at all with booking online please call one of my friendly reception staff who will help you.

Have a favourite reader?

If you wish to speak to a particular reader, remember the readers pin, then when you call enter their pin number after your own access pin. See if the psychic you want to speak to is online and free before you call.

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Want to book right now without the hastle of calling? Simply book online anywhere in the world with our quick online booking form. Save your information for next time too for phone, web chat, video readings and e-mail readings.

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Call the number above for your pre-pay reading. You may also book your reading online in our secure website booking page. Click the button below, enter your card info and get a pin to call your chosen psychic. Terms and Conditions apply.

Our Pre-Pay Readings with the team cost More options are available.

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One of our most popular options.

Terms and conditions apply.

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Customer Services

If you need our customer services department for any reason you can call these numbers at any time to get through to a service provider:

New Pricing Packages

At Michele Knight Psychics we recommend that you buy a larger amount of minutes than you actually need. This is to avoid extra minute charges of as extra minutes are more expensive than standard minutes. If you don’t use all of your minutes in one call, they can be used on your next call, or even spread over several calls. Just ask our reception team for your pin number when you make your booking and then quote this when you call back to use your minutes at a later date. Don’t forget, the more minutes you buy, the more free minutes you get!

Email readings

Michele Knight Psychics also offer an email reading, which answers three main questions with a general overview of your life path including your unique strengths and challenges you need to transform. Whenever possible, I email psychic readings personally and you also have an opportunity to have a psychic reading in a chat room or by AOL IM if you prefer. If your reading isn’t by me, it will be from one of my trusted psychic colleagues. Each reading is approximately 600 – 800 words in length and costs £45.00 – different depending on the exchange rate at the time.



We can also provide you with a range of fabulous, detailed 17 – 25 astrological reports. A Natal Report is all about you, how the planets are situated in your own personal chart at the time of your birth and how they affect different parts of your life.

You can also elect to receive the predictive Dynamic Analysis, which charts the aspects that the transiting planets will make to your natal planets and the subsequent effects that they will have on your life over the next twelve months including an almost daily calender of events in your life for the year.


The Compatibility Report

The Compatibility Report is excellent, giving an in depth analysis of your relationship and describing how you and your partner relate to one another. It covers your compatibility, strengths, support systems, challenges and weaknesses. “I always get one of these done when entering into a new relationship or even when choosing a business partner as they reveal the hidden planetary influences which create the spark and possibly reveal the key to your journey together. They usually take 48 hours to process and are truly fab!”

Michele Knight

We also have an extensive range of personal astrology readings including Mayan, Native American, past life karmic readings and readings for your pets as well. All reports are sent online but call if you want one printed and sent out.


Gift Vouchers

Many of you have asked for vouchers that can be given out to friends and relatives at birthdays, Christmas or even just as a special treat. You can buy vouchers that can be used for live readings or our astrology reports. Why not give a compatibility reading for a wedding present? Our vouchers can be sent by email or we will send a card to the recipient with your message.