Numerology: For Those Born 12th, 21st or 30th Of Any Month

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Numerology – Secrets of Your Birthday – Soul Power Information for those born on the 12th, 21st or 30th of any month

If you were born on the 12th, 21st or 30th of any month you should have already read the section which governs your Life Path Master Number which is a 3. However, those of you born under ‘double digits’ which reduce down to a 3 have the additional influence of your double number which reveals information about your Soul Power and Soul Path. So, if your birthday falls on either the 12th, 21st or 30th – read on.

Soul Power Number 12

This birthday can really bring out the ‘feast or famine’ extremes that are inherent in the number 3. Just as you think everything is going to plan – along comes a crisis. There can be sudden reversals and financial difficulties which are often caused not by you but by family members. Trust in a higher power and success will be yours. Learn to meditate if you can and you will see that the challenges you face are often self-imposed. Live from within, not without. You need to learn to become who you really are and not fall into the trap of being who others think you should be. When you do this you will release yourself from any suffering (real or imagined). You will have to make some sacrifices in your life but once you accept this and understand it is part of your process, you will get the outcomes you desire.

Soul Power Number 21

This is a number of higher power, karmic reward, advancement and success. Like the other birthdays which reduce to a 3 you will have some challenges to face but ultimately this number carries less heavy lessons and brings with it the promise of fulfilling your goals. If you make the effort, you will be rewarded – it’s as simple as that. However, if you are looking for a free ride you will receive just the opposite! Financial success, prosperity and happiness in your personal life should be yours and it is the experiences you will have in your early life which will open the doors to all this. His number indicates you may live far from your place of birth and you may be instinctively drawn to far away people, places and cultures. If you do face a crisis or two in your life, provided you maintain a belief in a higher power (doesn’t matter what you want to call it) and operate from a position of helping others when you can, know that the universe will step in to help you when you need it. This is the gift that comes with your number. However, if you give nothing you can expect nothing in return so remember that!

Soul Power Number 30

This number is a gift as it promises you will achieve your goals and enjoy your life to the full! This is a number of leadership and dedication to a cause. But you must read and understand the following words not just on an intellectual level but on a soul level to utilise its power: you must have a sustainable philosophy which sustains not only you but all those you come until contact with. If you do not develop this kind of personal ‘compass’ you will be constantly frustrated in your attempts to get what you want. To put this simply you must be the change you want to see in the world and in doing so, the world will change for you. If you do not learn from what you experience along the way, you will be destined to repeat over and over again the situations and circumstances that stop you from being happy and achieving your goals. So ask yourself if this is a pattern in your life? If your honest answer is ‘yes’ then know you can stop this happening right now, in this very moment, just by having a set of strong personal values and beliefs and ‘walk your talk’ in the world.

Very often people born under this number are offered two paths during their lifetimes. One is material and one spiritual and you may find that during your life you will walk both at different times. Understand this is part of your soul journey and the learning experience you have chosen. Above all, do not become impatient with either yourself or others who may not be walking the same path. We all have our lessons and it’s not for us to judge the relevance of another’s journey based on our own perceptions or get impatient with the universe because we feel we are not getting to our destination fast enough!

This is a number that asks you to contemplate the saying ‘Be careful what you wish for – you may get it’. You certainly will but often you find that either you weren’t specific enough or that you get what you yearn for only to discover you don’t want it. So, your task may be to let go of what you think you want and have enough trust in the process of life to know the universe will send you exactly what you need. If you do this the magic of your number will be unlocked for you.




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