Tarot Superstardom!: Future Mapping.

Tarot superstars! Don’t worry if you’ve just joined us as this 5 part series to Tarot Superstardom can be done in any order. You don’t have to do it consecutively from 1 thru 5 to get the benefits and elevate your readings to Total Superstar level. However – you do need to do all five but these can be done in your own time and any order.

Step 5 is going to be all about mapping your future – or a client’s for that matter. It’s not so much about asking ‘What’s going to happen?’ but there’s a bit of design and Quantum Creativity coming in to play too. This is also another incredibly fun and playful exercise which frees up your imagination to allow creativity and thinking outside the box to happen when it comes to how you want your future to look. Ready to become a cosmic designer as well as a Tarot Superstar? Let’s go!

Part 5 – Design a Map to the Stars: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a map to ascend to star status? Here’s where we draw up yours. Time for a favourite deck if you have more than one – and please choose one with colourful and immersive images if you do. Your Tarot journal is vitally important for this exercise as is time where you won’t be disturbed.

When it comes to something as magic as future creation you need to concentrate. Begin by shuffling your deck and thinking about a goal. A word of caution – please avoid specifics such as a particular job you want to win or a particular person you want to be with. Just concentrate on how you would like the future to unfold and the feeling you would get from that once it does.

Think about all the things you have been doing so far to make that future a reality and ask that you be shown any other ways you can achieve this. When you are ready, set down your cards and fan them out face down. Run your hand over them and pick between six and ten cards at random. Set the rest of the deck aside and turn your cards over face up.

If you have completed Step 1 then you are familiar with the storytelling technique. This is basically the same. Thinking about your goal or how you want things to turn out, arrange the cards so they show a journey or stages that take you from where you are now to where you want to get to.

When you are satisfied with your arrangement, go deeper into the cards and write down everything the first card is telling you that you need to do for the next step. Perhaps you have drawn a court card? If so, does this resemble someone you know? Or a professional you need to talk to? Write down every idea that comes to you before moving on to the second card and so on.

When you are done, what you should have is a complete cosmic business plan of things you need to do or try, pitfalls to avoid which reversed or cards with negative associations will be telling you of, and people you may know or meet who are going to help you.

What thoughts or actions are the cards telling you that you need to change to reach your goal? What do you need to do differently? You may like to come back to the cards you have picked over several days as you may discover that you suddenly see new interpretations or meanings behind them you were unaware of before.

The Tarot is more than just a predictive system. It is a powerful tool we can use as a compass to guide us to fulfilling our own, best destiny and to support us in fulfilling our dreams.

You can also use this technique to assist clients, friends or anyone who is open to finding new ways to fulfil their dreams. There is always more than one path that leads to what we want and the Tarot is the signpost that can show us all of them.

So, five simple steps to becoming a Tarot Superstar. You can repeat all or any of them as often as you wish or whenever you feel the need to put your psychic abilities into high gear. Remember, the more you practice and the more you study the cards – the more your abilities will take you soaring!

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