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Your weekly and monthly astrology forecasts from Michele Knight.


Weekly Astrology December 4 2023 Forecast for All Signs

ARIES Own those desires Sometimes getting to yes means saying no first Make it happen! Powerful aspects trigger more than just ‘All I want for Christmas’ desires, Aries. If there’s a festive song about wanting something deeper under that tree, then it would be top of your playlist right now. Venus’s arrival in Scorpio turns […]

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December 2023 Monthly Astrology Video

Your December Astrology video with Michele Knight Waite. December has a tricky Mercury retrograde from the 13th, so make sure you have any important conversations before then. Venus in Scorpio brings passion and commitment with a fabulous, loving vibe on 25th December. Watch your December astrology video to find out how best to take advantage […]

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December Horoscopes 2023

ARIES The final month of 2023 provides the pivot point for all of us to realign to something more satisfying for the New Year. As well as your December forecast you can unpack more treats as the month unfolds. Including your yearly 2024 forecast, your Moonscopes and also discover what Pluto in Aquarius means for […]

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gemini full moon

Weekly Astrology November 27th 2023 Forecast for All Signs

ARIES Your sensei senses inspire Be an original thinker Saying everything means listening more Draw on those original idea and explore, explore, explore alternatives this week, Aries. Put them on the table especially if you end up dealing with someone determined to stick to their guns. Your inner wisdom is there to guide you and […]

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full moon gemini

Your Full Moon in Gemini Moonscope November 27 2023

Your Full Moon in Gemini Moonscope November 27th 2023 By our astrologer and psychic Elena November’s full Moon is known as the Beaver Moon, the Frost Moon, the Freezing River Maker Moon or the Darkest Depths Moon. This Moon brings in big mutable energy. The Moon is in Gemini which means the Sun is in […]

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new moon in scorpio

Your New Moon in Scorpio Moonscope 13 November 2023

Your New Moon in Scorpio Moonscope 13 November 2023 Passionate. Powerful. Transformative. Surprising. Unpredictable. Just some of the adjectives which can be applied to one of the most intense new Moons of the year. It appears at 20o Scorpio in opposition to Uranus in Taurus. This is the change we don’t see coming. The inventive, […]

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michele knight waite full moon in capricorn

New Moon in Scorpio video with Michele Knight-Waite

Hello Gorgeous Soul, A little update about the current shifting astrology. We have lovely Venus in Libra now, bringing us all some light relief. Venus in Libra wants us to find harmony, peace, and justice. Lovely Venus in Libra softens the heavy Mars in Scorpio and general Scorpio energy and seeks peace. Mercury is now […]

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Monthly Horoscopes November 2023

By our astrologer Elena ARIES Transform with transmutation of the soul Love determines your journey Be fearless Love rules along with a feeling of fearless desire to discover what might be ‘out there’ and waiting for you, Aries. Or who for singles. Powerful shifts occur which allow this to happen. Remember when we commit to […]

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Weekly Astrology October 30th 2023 Forecast for All Signs

ARIES Spooky surprises, treats – no tricks! Love has a heart beat Something is ready to live again Big resurrection energy points to something coming alive or a powerful reawakening for you this week. Potential swirls about you, Aries. How will you harness it? The ghosts of lovers past, reappearances, revivals, something you thought had […]

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