Your New Moon in Gemini Scopes – Venus brings special magic


Your New Moon in Gemini Moonscope June 6 2024

By our astrologer Elena

The Gemini new Moon at 16 degrees of Gemini, is one of big new beginnings for every sign. Why? Because it is the first new Moon to coincide with Jupiter’s arrival in here which occurred last month on the 25th. So, it has been 12 years since this last happened.

This is a new Moon of big, fresh ideas. Nothing stale should be served. Just bigger visions and amazing results. All signs should run and check their charts for factors at 16 degrees in any house or sign within a one degree orb. This includes factors like your ascendant, IC, MC, descendant. As well as the nodes and asteroids. If you have them, this could be the start of something too big to miss.

Invest in those projects, plans and ideas. See how far they can take you. This new Moon will see these take flight. Especially for the air signs – birthday sign of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. And it will fan the flames of intention for the fire signs – the Aries, Leos and of course, the Sagittarians who are now in a year long major attraction cycle.

For the rest of us, its worth remembering that the new beginnings of this Moon get that extra infusion of beauty, allure and love as it falls close to Venus.

If you think it – serve it. Just understand that this new Moon energy needs belief and corresponding action to make something happen. It’s about being adaptable, taking a chance and yes, flying by the seat of our pants if we have to. Big picture thinking and bold moves. Now you’re talking under this new Moon.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

A truly inspiring and exhilarating new Moon in your 3rd puts you in launch mode. Take it the countdown is well and truly over now and you have ignition. Take the initiative. And above all, become your own best advocate when it comes to those ideas, Aries.

You won’t have any patience for anyone who is all talk and no action. And yes, you will apply this rule to dating too. That swipe who is content to flirt but defers meeting IRL? So no. You’ll also have less patience that usual with anyone who doesn’t cut to the chase. And as for one topic wonders – only if you can’t sleep, Aries.

Jupiter along with this new Moon bigs up your message and extends your influence. And yes, if building that on-line presence or following is your goal, any effort you give to this yields max results now. This new Moon is about your original idea, message or personal take on things. And the confidence you have in communicating this. Your mind should already be firing with ways to work this.

The more channels you are willing to try, the further your message goes and the bigger the results. Designers, writers, teachers, photographers, influencers, marketers, advertisers, retailers, broadcasters especially benefit. But even if you don’t operate in those areas, see yourself as an ideas factory. Launch, pitch, apply, post, submit, write and say it. Need a better way to communicate? That device or new app could be the key that sends you viral. Open up that channel, Aries.

weekly astrologyTAURUS

The new Moon in next door sign of Gemini, conjunct ruler Venus and working with Jupiter, is all about what is truly, madly deeply priceless and important to you, Taurus. That one thing that simply isn’t for sale or you won’t compromise on no matter what.

Jupiter in your money zone is all about delivering plenty. But plenty on its own actually won’t give us what we want unless we understand first what we value the most. Real lasting abundance is linked to our values. And these are usually more about what we value emotionally than materially. Rich doesn’t have to be about money. We can be rich in time, experience, talent, friendships and relationships. So, focus on these now and use this new Moon to create more in these areas and you’ll be setting yourself up for a Jupiter over-delivery later.

That’s not to say that potential money making idea doesn’t deserve the investment of your time. But focus on the learning journey and experiences you gain exploring it rather than what you imagine the end result to be. Above all, this new Moon will break you free of self-doubt when it comes to your belief in your own abilities. This isn’t about faking it till you make it. Far from it. What it is, is you realising you don’t need to wait to try something out. No one’s permission is now needed. As for others who have succeeded – you also now understand they may or may not be more talented, original or experienced than you. But what sets you apart is they were willing to take a chance. Here’s yours, Taurus.


Time for a new way of thinking or seeing something, Gemini. New Moons are always a time of new beginnings. And the next best thing is you or what is at the forefront of your mind now. A fresh take on how you see yourself, a goal, idea or a plan, broadens your horizons.

But in a mirror, mirror moment you could be looking at that reflection. If a picture is worth 1000 words then what does the snapshot of you tell others? The new Moon conjunct Venus in your 1st is all about image enhancement. Without Facetuning. Anything and everything from your face to your hairstyle, your calling card, your style. How you dress and what you communicate simply by your appearance. IRL and on-line.

Yes, a little self-preoccupation is not only permissible but expected. Do reintroduce you to yourself. The hardest thing in the world can be simply to step back and try to see how we come across to others for the first time. Of course, one good way to do that is to visualise your ideal version of you confidently approaching a stranger. You don’t just look your best but feel your most confident. In this exercise, you can take note of how the other person reacts when they see you. Their thoughts and the impression you make. Then when you’re done, you can bring that version of you into being. One thing is certain – this is Gemini 2.0. Not the beta version.

july horoscopesCANCER

In the run up to your birthday season – now just two weeks away, a sensitive new Moon in your 12th could see you taking some time out to explore the inner you.

If you look back at previous cycles, you’ll probably see that this is a time when you can be happy with your own company, time spent in nature, reading, meditating, yoga or simply unwinding. With Jupiter now in this house and this new Moon conjunct Venus, you may also be drawn to creative pursuits which allow you to unplug, topics such as spirituality and religion, self-help, psychology and the Tarot.

Your emotional attunement is also heightened now. And you may feel intense compassion for the suffering of others. You’re a bit like a sponge and this may see you absorbing other’s feeling states to the point you mistake their emotions for your own. Do visualise yourself surrounded by a protective bubble of white light if you are unsure where you end and the other party begins!

Your heightened sensitivity may be another reason why you are quite happy to unplug and withdraw to those Cancerian creature comforts. Shutting the world out for a while. If you have been running on empty, this is your recharge point. After all, your new cycle is just around the corner.

monthly horoscope augustLEO

The new Moon in your 11th sets the pace of your social scene for the next six months. It also often marks the point where you initiate or recommit to a goal. As this Moon falls conjunct Venus and with Jupiter in here, take it that these are the areas which offer you growth, connection and also, the rare opportunity to be accepted for all your unique differences.

Your social circle, friends, groups, clubs, bands, movements, parties, teams, communities and connections are where you will find belonging, acceptance and even the way towards realising your goals. Normally we say that the new Moon in here is about the love of all of the above rather than the romantic kind. But the proximity to Venus tells you that more could be on offer. However, this would happen organically and it is: friendship first.

If you have read your Jupiter in Gemini Forecast then you know I told you to make three wishes while Jupiter is in here. And to expect at least one to manifest. This new Moon asks you pick one of the three and now commit to doing whatever you can to make it happen. The people you encounter along the way will have a role to play. Just as you will come to realise – you may just be performing the same for them. Yes, together you are the music makers. And the dreamers of dreams which become real.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

Gemini and your 10th is also ruled by your ruler Mercury. This is your house of ambition, status, achievement and where you want to get to. It also rules those who have already climbed that ladder. And are in a position to either give you a hand up. Or else tell you there’s no room at that high table.

The new Moon falls conjunct Venus in here. Which tells you that you are on the way up. Especially with the extra boost from Jupiter in here. Yes, there’s a place for you at that table and you do have a reservation. Looking, acting and knowing you belong is every bit as an important part to taking your seat as your qualifications and resume to date. Do be aware this is your house of public image and you will be ‘on show’ in some way. A bit like a ball player in the US tries out for the major leagues. The scouts are watching your performance.

This new Moon hands you the ability to make the most of what you have to offer. To join the movers and shakers. To make that move and even shake up the status quo doing so. But within the accepted rules. To head in a more satisfying direction if your original path has lost its allure, and to reap those rewards for efforts to date. You are being asked to bring that killer combo of confidence and the ability to deliver. Do that and its access all areas.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

Just where in the world do you want to go, Libra? This is the start of a journey, an exploration, a learning opportunity. But it’s also about love too due to the new Moon’s proximity to ruler Venus. The search for that bigger, breathtaking love. And this may not be for a person.

It could be an idea, a desire – to travel or emigrate for instance as this is your house of foreign lands. It could be the yearning for a bigger audience via your ideas, your book, screenplay, business plan or even on-line presence. This new Moon along with Jupiter in here offers a new way of getting there.

Travel may feature for some. And even if you are not running to the airport right now, know that travel plans initiated under this new Moon have a higher probability of being realised than under any other. So, get researching, buy those guide books, check out fares and accommodation for that bucket list trip. Jupiter gives you its blessing.

This house also rules the law – something could be decided in your favour, higher education – you gain admission or pass that exam or even defer for a gap year, the mass media – that big project or message, and also sports, the outdoors and large animals. Above all, a new Moon in here tells you to take a chance and head towards a new experience. You know what’s calling, Libra. Just answer.


Time for a fearless fresh start with your finances or even an intimate relationship, Scorpio. Delve deep into your real needs. Not what you want in the moment. That quick fix or sugar rush connection. But something resonant, lasting and with lush depth to it.

If you have been ignoring the reality around say those debts or bills, the fact this new Moon falls conjunct Venus tells you that you are being offered an opportunity to get things back on track. Big bucks Jupiter isn’t about winning the lottery or quick fixes however. But what it can do is hand you the solution you need which puts you back in control. If you feel overwhelmed, then do seek professional help. Often Jupiter arrives in human form. Keep this in mind.

As well as your salary, benefits, loans, taxes, mortgage and investments, this is your house of regeneration, divorce, endings and rebirth. It’s where you keep things hidden as well. (Your 12th is usually what is hidden from you not by you!). Of course, our true financial state is one we find even more taboo than sex. Talking of which – I did say this new Moon marked a fresh start with intimacy. Even the sign which rules this can see familiarity, chores and yes, making ends meet, put passion on the back burner. If so, this is also the point where you reignite the spark. Others are taking their needs far more seriously. But as for that ex – on the beach or anywhere else – remember what I said about something much more resonant and lasting, Scorpio. Because you’re done investing in anything less.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

Dynamic duos, duets, duels and double acts. Are you one or two, Sag? If you are one and want to be two – in any way, shape or form, the new Moon conjunct Venus in your 7th along with Jupiter in here, makes for the best starting point to attract in the right one you’ve seen in 12 years.

If you are already two – then look forward to a big, loved up year ahead. With both of you in sync and planning something new. This is a new Moon of agreements, commitments, saying I do or even in some cases, amicably calling it quits or settling a dispute. Either way – you are free and so are they.

Entering into a brand new loved up dynamic will happen in some way shape or form in the next 12 months. Be it a wild, soul expanding friendship, a vision you and another share that you have to bring into being or yes, you and another realising you share the same philosophy that love is a journey and you just met the perfect travelling companion.

You don’t have to give up all those things you value. Your free spirited exuberance and desire to explore. You get to keep all that. Because what can often hold you back is the real fear that someone will try to clip those wings. Instead – you’ll meet the wind beneath them. Get ready to fly!


Let’s talk about a big dose of daily mundane magic, Capricorn. You are the sign up for the long climb. But along the way you discover paths to get you where you need to go that are invisible or even downright scary to others. Just think about goats perched on a narrow ledge on a cliff face and you’ll know what I mean. Nobody understands how the goats got there. Or why they don’t fall. But the goats are quite happy – enjoying the view. And when they’re ready they will pick their way – again on footholds nobody else can see, to continue to climb.

That’s pretty well you under the new Moon conjunct Venus in your 6th. You just see opportunities or creative ways to do what you need to do that elude everyone else. You turn complexity into a simple task, crush that To Do list simply by knowing what’s important and what isn’t, and identify a better way of working where others simply can’t see how to progress.

This can bring a new job or study phase in for some of you. Especially as Mercury which also rules this house and sign is also in here. You turn that rut into an escape route. Inject that routine with creative zeal. And turn the tap off when it comes to what drains you. And yes, Jupiter in this house also has a role to play in this.

Sign up for a course of study, fitness or look at new methods to escape any habits that have you trapped or even cash-strapped. Yes, that hidden path is there if you look closely.


A new Moon conjunct Venus in your 5th is one of creation. This is one of your houses of attraction (the others being your 1st and 7th). And this is the first new Moon in 12 years to appear when Jupiter is also in here. Something new is being conceived and brought into being now.

Jupiter in here is like a genie in a bottle. And this new Moon pops the stopper. You attract attention, love, lucky breaks and get whisked away on a magic carpet towards pleasure and escapism. Babies, children, generations younger than yours, step children and yes, that Peter Pan imp within you, may play a role. If life has been a little too serious lately, this is the point it lightens up.

Don’t chase anything under this new Moon. There is a key difference between initiating and pursuit. Yes, make the first move or take that important first step. But once you have – let go. Have the confidence in your own ability to attract and trust the process. Know that you will get a response. Or just you demonstrating your trust is all that is needed to draw something better to you. Express your unique soul, your passion and joy without worrying about what others may think. Or self-censoring. When we enter that state we automatically attract back in kind. No effort other than joy required.

full moon in piscesPISCES

Your family, home, roots, lifestyle, country, locale, town or region. Your roomie, Airbnb guests, that second home, what grounds and supports you come under the rulership of your 4th house. Which is in turn ruled by the Moon.

The new Moon in here is the first one for 12 years to appear with your other ruler Jupiter in residence. Along with Venus it promises a new and life path enhancing phase where you can move into something more secure and sustaining, Pisces. For some, this can be about location, location, location and this could be in another county, state or even country. Others could enhance or expand their present residence. If you are seeking to redecorate or renovate, you could find a good deal or bargain on offer. Venus loves the aesthetics.

Venus’s proximity to this Moon also means that if money has held up a move, you either access the resources you seek. Or you find you get more for your money than you imagined you would. You won’t shy away from doing some of the work yourself if it means you end up with the home of your dreams.

This is also the house of your own life path. And for those of you seeking to create this free of the influence of your parents, family, community or culture, this Moon can hand you the emotional courage to break away and establish this for yourself. There are so many definitions of ‘family’. For some of us, its the one we share DNA with. Others have to go find or make theirs from friends or a community of souls with whom they share more than just genetics in common. Whether you need to send those roots deeper or pull them up – know you’ll be right where you find what you need for love to grow.

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