Eclipse Season Tarotscope – Relationship Changes

taurus eclipse

Eclipse Season Tarotscope – Relationship Changes

It’s officially spooky season. No, I’m not talking about Halloween but eclipse season, where mysteries and secrets unravel. It can feel dramatic and surprising at the time, with more twists and turns than a 90’s comedy horror. We must channel our inner Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic and trust the process!

There are two eclipses in October, the annual solar eclipse in lovely Libra, which many found extremely intense. The second eclipse is a Full Moon one coming up on the 28th, in reliable and steady Taurus. Both of these focus on our stability and relationships. Luckily our intuition is heightened at this time of year. Let’s dive into Tarot wisdom to help us navigate through.

ARIES – 2 of Cups

full moon in aries2 of cups

I love the Tarot Card 2 of Cup. It symbolises a time when our friends mirror our energy and give us a boost. When we are around a 2 of Cups Soul friend, we are on an equal footing, and we are safe. 

They are the ones who continually call us to our higher selves. We are all divine works in progress, and we all face moments when we get stuck in , or can’t see a way through our problems. Our soul friends love us warts and all, but they are also like cheerleaders, reminding us that we can transform ourselves and our lives.

They hold faith in you even when you can’t. If you’re having an off day, a grumpy moment or even feeling the need to let rip or throw an all-singing, all-dancing pity party, they know it’s just a blip and that you’ll soon get back on track. When in doubt, they believe the best in you.

Soul friends love you even If you gallop wildly off track. They let you know and patiently wait for your return. Soul friends laugh with us, cry with us and help and support us along our way. Soul friends are the epitome of the Two of Cups. They are few and far between, but it tends to be long-lasting when you get one. Just like any relationship, don’t settle for less. The eclipse reveals who are your true 2 of Cups as well as a surprise.

Taurus – Ace of Wands


ace of wands

What stokes your passion? Are you feeling empowered and creative? The eclipse reveals any person or situation that is draining your energy. On top of that, it brings a revelation and answer. Your mojo is returning with a vengeance. You’re overcoming fear and facing obstacles. It’s a new start where your warrior mode switches to fire.

This brazen Ace of fabulous can also mean physical passion and renewed sensuality, feeling in touch with your sexuality, and owning your fire. Perhaps a new lover is coming, or you’re rekindling desire in your current relationship. Whatever it is that you hunger for, go for it! Achievement is fulfilling, and it’s just in front of you. Believe in you!

Gemini – Ace of Cups


Ace of Cups

Illusion, confusion, or true happiness? The eclipse wants to reveal an emotional truth. The reward for this passionate quest will be an abundance of true feelings and a walk toward happiness and fulfillment.

Sometimes, we are willing to deny reality to cling to the illusion of security. The eclipse reveals that you deserve true joy and are lovable and worthy of bliss.

Ace of Cups celebrates the arrival of a deep and transformative connection. Whether starting a new relationship or revitalizing an existing one, expect your heart to brim with joy, love, and compassion. 

It’s time to embrace the beauty of love in all its forms—romantic, platonic, or self-love—and to share your emotions openly and authentically.

On your journey of personal growth and inner exploration, the Ace of Cups represents a profound awakening of your emotional landscape.

Cancer – The Hermit

weekly astrology cancer


Typical Cancerians are brilliant at looking after everyone around them. They are the nurturers of the Zodiac, sometimes to the harm of their own needs! Have you been taking care of others and not nurturing yourself? This eclipse season insists you take time out, if you fight against that urge, you might feel lonely. However, the eclipse’s more profound meaning and purpose is to bring you home to yourself!

When we embrace our own insight, our bright lamp of wisdom wakes up and reveals that the answers have always been here. The Cosmos promises you that you already know what you need to understand! 

Cut away the crap and take some time out to feel your body. Let your mind and spirit reveal all the information you need. When we mine the treasure of our psychic senses, the journey becomes an adventure. Often we can avoid things we don’t want to know’, yet the sooner we wake up to what’s happening within and around us, the faster we can transform it. In doing this we honour ourselves. 

Leo – Ace of Pentacles


Ace of Pentacles

Security, money, and career are all on your mind during this eclipse season. What is unstable is stripped away. Foolish with money? The next few weeks show you how to turn it around. 

Remember that during eclipses, it can feel like a test, but they always bring a revelation! And a resolution!

The Ace of P says to ensure you look after your money and roots! You have the potential for massive abundance in your life, not just financial abundance, but emotional happiness, too. AP tells you that you can succeed. It’s time to put fear away and go for it. 

Do you pay enough attention to the mundane, the day to day stuff that ultimately becomes the foundation of whatever you are building? Are you in charge of your finances? Do you need to ground yourself?

What you want to achieve is inches away. It’s essential to look at your belief system about success. Does your subconscious believe you don’t deserve it? Are you scared of failure? 

Was there a voice from your past who lacked faith in you? AP gives you the courage to believe in yourself and nail down the details to win the prize. It would be best if you were practical, and then everything should fall into place. 

Virgo – The Fool


The Fool

Do you fear change? The eclipse is revealing a new direction, one that will take a leap of faith. What has happened to your sense of adventure? You are about to find out! 

The Fool is the card that takes us through the Tarot deck and merrily leads us through our soul’s journey. It can land anywhere and shows us the wisdom and magic of being spontaneous and trusting in our path.

It’s not that the Fool is marching recklessly into the unknown. Fool trusts what the Cosmos has in store. The Fool, even though they have no clue where they are going, has both belief and faith. 

They, like you, are a pure spirit with a very open heart. It’s symbolic of our eternal soul. We have ALL knowledge within us as we’ve been here many times. Our innocent and pure heart is always alive, and well, OK, it might be difficult to see in some dodgy folk we encounter on our soul’s adventures, but buried within all of us is a tiny seed of the divine. Yours awakens now.

Libra – The Moon

mars in libra

The Moon


You are going through quite the transition! Life may feel like it’s turned on its head as you’re hurled into eclipse season with a sudden surprise. Whatever it is that reveals itself, or perhaps not quite been shown but deeply sensed, will bring about true liberation. Listen to your gut, trust your dreams, and follow your hunches now. 

it’s time for a soul audit. The Moon is asking you to delve into your subconscious, to look for the signs and symbols that are in front of you. What are your instincts trying to tell you? It’s time to pin down and face your wisdom.

The good news is that you are a psychic SUPERSTAR if you tune in and listen!!! IT IS ALL WITHIN YOU! You’re also intuitive and nurturing. Use your psychic ability on yourself! 

Do you have a feeling about someone in your life that you are ignoring? Pay attention to your dreams and write them down. Honour your emotional needs and allow others to nurture you sometimes. You radiate warmth and love, protect yourself as you would others!

Scorpio – The Lovers

The Lovers


We make choices daily, sometimes grudgingly, sometimes unknowingly, but they are inevitable. The eclipse reveals the motivation for your decisions and why others have made certain choices. We can act without thinking or ignore the deeper meaning of who or what we commit to.

The lovers card always suggests a choice, but it can lead to our true bliss once made. 

When we put fear into love we get obsession, we can chain ourselves to anything resembling love for fear that it is a finite substance, that if we let go we will be lost and no other love exists like the one we have. Even if that love is harmful or brings out the worst it is better than being cast out to wander alone. 

This illusion takes us away from our divine selves and chains us to unhappy experiences. The Lovers reveals the truth that all is love. It speaks to us of times when we have a union where we feel fulfilled not only with another but with ourselves. It tells us love is safe, and love is always with us.

And that’s the bit that is the most crucial message in this card. At the heart of it all, it’s about moving towards having a far better relationship with yourself, one in which you accept yourself unconditionally and can love you for being who you are as well as loving others for being who they are, knowing we are all doing our best. What will you choose?

Sagittarius – The Sun


the sun

How is your creative mojo? Are you excited about life or has the eclipse season brought up self-doubt? The eclipse wants to awaken your curiosity, fever for life, and feral joy! If a blockage or problem prevents you from flowing, the eclipse will ultimately set you free.

Eclipse season symbolizes a time of change and hidden truths coming to light. The Sun card, in this context, reminds us to embrace the power of illumination. It’s like a cosmic spotlight revealing the areas in our lives that need our attention and growth. 

Just as the Moon temporarily obscures the Sun during an eclipse on the 28th, we too may face moments when challenges cast shadows on our path. However, there’s a bigger picture where you remember your joy. You can have a stunning rebirth as the Sun always returns brighter than before!

Capricorn – 4 of Wands


4 of wands

The Four of Wands tarot card takes on fresh significance during eclipse season. Traditionally associated with celebration, stability, and harmony, this card becomes a symbol of transformation and the recognition of milestones during these cosmic events.

With its potential for shifts and revelations, Eclipse season aligns beautifully with the Four of Wands. It invites us to celebrate not just the accomplishments of the past but also the changes and transitions happening in our lives. Much like an eclipse, where the familiar Sun and Moon momentarily align differently, this card encourages us to acknowledge the transformations occurring within ourselves and our surroundings.

Of course, you’re likely to have a revelation about home and family, which might lead to a move or a change in your enviroment. Finally, there will be a reason to celebrate!

Aquarius – Page of Cups

weekly astrology

Page of Cups

The Page of Cups encourages you to treat yourself and those around you with tenderness during this eclipse season. You’ve been on a profound journey of self-discovery, akin to a rebirth. This process can be challenging, as you’ve likely been shedding old beliefs about yourself, your life, and the world around you.

Fortunately, the Page of Cups brings joyful tidings and a sense of wonder. You’re starting to notice small miracles and experience a rekindling of your creative spirit, sprinkled with a touch of magic. It’s a bit like revisiting the wide-eyed wonder of your childhood, marveling at the simplicity of a seashell on the beach or the first sight of a cat.

With the waves of awakening during this eclipse season, each moment of love becomes more profound and heartwarming. Need solutions to life’s challenges? Your imagination becomes your trusted ally. For a while, let go of the need for pure logic and dive into the uncharted waters of the unknown. 

Pisces – The Magician

full moon in pisces


Our trusty and daunting eclipse season speaks to you of spells and the words and thoughts that cast them. What are your beliefs about your life, and do you believe in your ability to transform your present and future?

The eclipse will reveal that you are a magical being, that anything is possible, and that you have more power than you know. Words have consequences and power. Choose yours wisely now.

The first and most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself. How you talk to yourself, how you treat yourself, it’s all like your personal energy cocktail. And when you get the recipe just right – when you embrace your vulnerability, become your biggest fan, and still hold yourself accountable when things go sideways – that’s when the magic happens, and your whole world transforms. 

I wish I’d known this earlier! All eclipse season, give yourself a dose of self-appreciation! You’re at a pivotal point in your journey. Right now, you’ve got all the tools you need to shape your reality. Your DNA practically oozes magic, and your heart? Well, it’s a cauldron of enchantment. Believe that you can conjure up your destiny, and permit yourself to wield that incredible creative power within you.


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