Numerology for those born on the 18th and 27th

Numerology – Secrets of Your Birthday – Soul Power Information for those born on the 18thor 27th day of any month

If you were born on the 18thor 27th day of any month you should have already read the section which governs your Life Path Master Number which is a 9. However, those of you born under ‘double digits’ which reduce down to an 9 have the additional influence of your double number which reveals information about your Soul Power and Soul Path. So, if your birthday falls on either the 18thor 27th – read on.

Soul Power Number 18

If you look at the Tarot card of The Moon you will begin to understand your birth date. Look closely at the card and you will see a crayfish emerging from the water. The water represents all you have experienced in this life, all your memories, challenges, trails and tribulations. You may have had times where you loved and lost, tried and failed or become too afraid to continue or got side tracked. However, you can emerge from this as the crayfish is doing.

Very often if you are born under an 18 you are your own worst enemy. You can be beset by fears – the card of The Moon rules our dreams and imagination and don’t forget, our imagination can come up with brilliant ideas but also fears that hold us back. The message here is that although you may think wolves are howling at your door – they are not real. To succeed in life you need to focus on the next step on the road ahead. Just one step at a time. If you do this, you will succeed and free yourself of any restrictions that hold you back whether they are self-imposed fears or otherwise. Develop your courage and confidence as both these can be lacking. There are hidden forces at work in your life but this doesn’t mean you should be afraid of taking a chance.  You are highly sensitive and can become easily upset and sometimes when this happens you are unable to think straight. You need to take time out especially from making big decisions when you get like this. Read uplifting books, listen to music and meditate if you can.

This number indicates divorce and separations – and this can be from family and friends as well as partners. Learn to be open about your feelings as sometimes your sensitivity and fears mean you can be hurt where no hurt is intended by the other party. If you learn to share your inner fears with those closest to you, you will not only prevent unnecessary separations and personal suffering, but you will get the emotional reassurance you need.

Soul Power Number 27

One of the most fortunate birth numbers, 27 blesses those born under it with ‘abundant grace’. Naturally this does not mean you won’t face some challenges on life’s path but what it does mean is that success is guaranteed in the end as this is another number of karmic reward. If you were born on the 27th you have been rewarded with a keen mind and amazing intellect and this is what you are here to use. You will get the most benefits by focussing your intellect on one thing at a time. Yours is the number of the specialist in some kind of endeavour. If you believe in yourself and if you apply your mind, you will rise to the very top of whatever field you choose and you will receive all the rewards that go with that. Chances are as a child you were a keen student and excited about what you were learning. If you’ve lost your soul path (rare for a 27 but it can happen!), look back at the subject that excited you most at school and focus on that as that is your path.

When you achieve success, which you will, please don’t rest on your laurels. Yours is the number of the trailblazer so treat any success as just another milestone – and then set off towards the next one filled with confidence in your ability to achieve your goals. You can make learning and achieving a lifetime commitment and you are likely to continue to increase your knowledge and experience long after others would have retired. Once you have found your path it won’t seem like work at all, just what you live to do and while you are alive you will continue to do it.

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