How To Be An Angel Magnet

Even if we are not one of those people who study Angels or even own a set of Angel cards, chances are we have all at some point in our lives called upon angels for a miracle. The idea of angelic beings seems a universal one although many cultures may have different names for them but they all share the same attributes of watching over us and performing those miracles.

No matter whether you own every Doreen Virtue book published, or have just begun to read about or open up to the idea of angelic presences in our lives, if we want to connect to this kind of energy and yes, be on the receiving end of a miracle or two, one thing I’ve discovered is that we should not be sitting around waiting for angelic intervention – we should become one.

If there’s one thing angels love – its imitation (the other thing is gratitude for what we already have!). Remember that old saying (usually in bumper sticker form) about practicing random acts of kindness and senseless beauty? That’s what I’m talking about. These don’t have to be big things – although I did read about one lottery winner who had taken to randomly giving an extra £100 to the cashier in the supermarket to pay for the groceries of the next person – you can perform small ones too.

Here’s some suggestions:

Feed someone’s parking meter if you see it is about to run out and the parking attendant is heading in that direction. Your 20p could save them a ticket.

Compliment a stranger – but ensure you really do mean it. This can make someone’s day and put a whole new vibe on it – especially if they are feeling stressed, depressed or anxious.

Spread the good word instead of gossip: has someone in your circle said something nice about someone else when they were not around? Why not tell them? We are always quick to pass on gossip but why not pass on positivity instead? Have you heard about an interesting job in your sector which might not suit you but could suit someone else you know? Tell people about it. You could change someone’s life for the better.

Don’t wait for birthdays or Christmas: If you see something you know a friend or loved one will like or they have wanted for some time, and you can afford to do it, why not buy it ‘just because’? Do you really need a reason?

Approach that tourist with a map, that person who looks lost or someone who looks to be struggling perhaps with young children or a disability. Ask if they need help. They may not but we can all take a few seconds out of a busy day to help if required.

Share what you have. Your time, your resources or expertise. Volunteer.

If you see someone crying, even if they are a stranger, don’t be the person who looks away. Walk up to them and ask if there is anything you can do.

Every small thing counts. You know your partner or your roommate is under pressure from work. Instead of getting mad because they have left dirty dishes in the sink again, do the washing up for them. Look around you. Is there some small chore you could do for someone that might only take you a few moments but would actually make their day to come home and find they don’t have to do it?

Remember, if we are going to be ‘angels’ this means performing these random acts of kindness without expecting anything in return – even a thank-you. We understand that being able to help is its own reward. The pay-off? Well, if you ever have to ask the angels might just make that extra effort to marshal their angelic forces for you, but you’ll certainly see evidence they have made a note of your efforts as seemingly ‘lucky’ chances and synchronicities as well as people performing random acts of kindness for you, usually follow this kind of work. Let’s all tap into angel power and become one of those angels people entertain unawares.

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