Your New Moon Tarot Reading – Pick a card

new moon tarot

Your New Moon Tarot Reading – Which card has a message for you?

Hello Moonchild!

New Moons are fresh starts and portals to release what no longer serves us. The energy of the New Moon calls for us to step into a sparkly fresh cycle. We can upgrade our vibration and shimmy to the next level. Focus on the 5 Tarot cards to see if one of them has a message for the New Moon. Use your heart to choose the card. Feel the card meant for you.

Tarot Card One – The Magician


The New Moon brings an awakening. You have all the tools in front of you to manifest a new path. Your thoughts and mind want a clean slate. You are gradually becoming aware of your power. Use your thoughts to focus on what you want to draw into your life. Understand that you are more powerful than you could know. You are the Magician!

An exhilarating movement forward has you feeling present in the flow. There’s a sprinkling of magic around you. Scoop them up and fly.

The New Moon whispers for you to let the past go and fully step into your magnificence.

Tarot Card Two – The Two of Pentacles

2 of pentacles

You might have been feeling like you’re in a juggling act. Are you energetically ‘plate spinning’ job, love life, chores, caring for others?

Make sure you take time out for yourself. Luckily your juggling skills end up benefiting you in unusual ways. You can find peace in a quiet moment while also being able to handle anything that comes your way.

The New Moon urges you to kick out any commitments, responsibilities or ‘favours to others’ that eat your time. Your time is precious. You have a lot on your plate. Use your instincts to weed out anything or anyone that doesn’t support your growth.

You manifest the space to grow


Tarot Card Three – The Wheel of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune

Stuck in a rut? Don’t panic; change is coming. There is only one certainty in life: nothing stays the same. The wheel of life is always turning. Knowing this gives us hope, inspiration, and curiosity!

Look out for strange or unusual synchronicity. A coincidence is coming which could bring about big changes in your life. Allow yourself to imagine life opening up. What new paths do you want to walk down? The New Moon brings significant change

We are powerful beings with free will, yet there are moments, people, and experiences that can feel ‘fated’ or meant to be. The Wheel of Fortune indicates you are about to experience one.

Tarot Card Four – The Hermit


Darling Soul,

Have you felt isolated or lonely, or perhaps you haven’t had a minute to yourself? Either way, the New Moon urges you to value your wisdom. Take time to appreciate how sacred and essential you are. Prioritise your needs, and take space to connect with nature.

When you nurture and recharge, a flood of knowledge and the answers you seek arrive. The New Moon is an invitation to get to know yourself on a deeper level, to value how far you have come, and to regain faith in your ability to create happiness.

Your inner lantern of enlightenment burns bright


Tarot Card Five – The Lovers

The Lovers

Hooray, the New Moon asks you to examine your relationship to passion. Passion manifests in many forms; it might be a passion for a lover, a project, or even your current life path. What stirs your soul? What makes your spirit sing, and who or what energises you?

A new cycle brings a flood of desire. What do you have to let go of to make the most of your passion rebirth? Do you believe you are lovable? Are you hanging onto old relationship patterns? Do you lack belief in your skills and talents? Ditch ideas and thoughts that are holding you back. Feel the fire of creativity surging through you. Thrilling moments are on the way.

Step into the next phase following your heart

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