Your New Moon Reading – Pick a Tarot card

7 tarot crds

Your New Moon Reading – Pick a Tarot card

Hello Moonbeam,

🌑 New Moons give us the perfect opportunity to surrender people, patterns, and energies that no longer serve us. They’re a fresh start, a new chapter, and a promising beginning. Let’s face it: we all tend to avoid letting go sometimes, as change can be scary. New Moons allow us to be a warrior of love for ourselves. We can dive through a window of opportunity and breath in a brand new reality.

Could this Tarot reading offer you a clue on what energies you need to focus on? Use your psychic intuition to feel which card is for you.

7 tarot crds

All Love

queen of cupsTarot card one – Queen of Cups

You are a deeply caring and tender soul. Do you permit yourself to flow with your emotions?

Your heart whispers that you must be as compassionate with yourself as you are with others. Only associate with folk that honour you and treat you with the considerate care you give them. Restrict your time with toxic negative emotions.

Make sure that you monitor how you communicate with yourself so that your inner voice speaks kindly.

Queen! You are worthy of love. When you accept your vulnerability, you unleash your psychic ability. Your energy can now receive and experience life as you know it should be. There’s an emotional breakthrough now.

hermitTarot Card Two – The Hermit

Listen to your heart today. What is your intuition trying to tell you? When we ignore our psychic senses we can feel isolated and lonely. When we embrace our own insight, our bright lamp of wisdom wakes up and reveals that the answers have always been here. The cosmos promises you, that you already know what you need to know!

Cut away the crap and take some time out to feel your body, let your mind and spirit reveal all the information you need. When we mine the treasure of our psychic senses the journey becomes an adventure. Often we can avoid things ‘we don’t want to know’ yet the sooner we wake up to what’s going on within and around us the quicker we can transform it. In doing this we honour ourselves.

4 of cupsTarot Card Three- 4 of Cups

I love this card. We are often caught in a situation where we struggle to see the full picture. Especially in times like these. We can become so focused on what we perceive to be the only choices, that we miss the treasure we seek! Being forced to be still and contemplate, examine and ferret out who and where we are on our soul journey will eventually prove invaluable.

What we can do easily forget is that we have UNLIMITED choices. It is an illusion to think there are only one or two answers or options. We train ourselves and can be conditioned by the Patriarchy, and life, to limit our perception. We are also natural control freaks who want to hold tight to the reigns of our destiny. The situation we are all in now could set us free.

The 4 of Cups is telling us that there is a cup being offered that we cannot see. We might be so busy trying to work out the outcome that we are blind to the possibilities that are being dangled in front of us.

Open your mind and your own psychic intuition, there is so much more waiting! Unravel the mystery and embrace new dimensions.

Ace of PentaclesTarot Card Four – Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles Ground your ass! Today we have the Ace of Pentacles! This Ace says to make sure you look after your money and your roots! You have the potential for huge abundance in your life, not just financial abundance, but emotional happiness too. AP tells you that you can succeed. It’s time to put fear away and go for it. Do you pay enough attention to the mundane, the day to day stuff that ultimately becomes the foundation of whatever you are building? Are you in charge of your finances? Do you need to ground yourself?

The Ace of Pentacles says that what you want to achieve is inches away. To reach your goal, it’s important to look at your belief system about success. Does your subconscious believe you don’t deserve it? Are you scared of failure? Is there a voice from your past who lacked faith in you? AP gives you the courage to believe in yourself, to nail down the details so that you can win the prize. It is essential that you are practical and then everything should fall into place. Go get em Tiger!

empressTarot Card Five – The Empress

The Empress is urging you to examine and embrace, ground and live in your creative centre. The Empress rules sensuality, magnetism, nurturing and giving birth to ideas, energy, babies, wild things. She is at peace with her power, she is open, warm-hearted and confident. The Empress knows who she is and is comfortable in her own power.

What feelings does the Empress bring up in you? Do you feel that you embody these qualities or that you can step into this vibe? Are you flowing in your being? The Empress is reminding you that you too are a creator.

3 of wandsTarot Card Six – 3 of Wands

Your Universe is about to expand, you are on the edge of transformation. You might have been dealing with the past, or coming to an end of a healing process. It’s time to look forward and know that the past does not define you.

When you make your leap into the future, as you open up to profound new experiences, the past will seem like a distant memory. A stunning experience is on the way. You are not your past, you are your future!

2 of pentaclesTarot Card Seven – 2 of Pentacles

Sick of juggling things? Perhaps there has been too many demands on you and you have become a mistress at keeping everybody happy?

The two of Pentacles reveals that all this hardship and struggle has turned you into a bit of a Magician. You are adept at dealing with most situations and are about to be rewarded with a gift from the Universe.

Please trust in yourself right now. You are about to go on a journey. It may be a spiritual journey, it might be a sensual journey, or it may even be a literal journey, but whatever it is it is going to expand your horizons and deliver you to your next step. Well done!


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