Psychic reader honey

 Michele says

Honey is an incredible find, I loved my test reading with her. She told me very specific details about what was going on in my life and also described my partner. She’s warm, funny and is brilliant at what she does. Other testers described her as very accurate and uplifting and another said she was spot on and we should “Grab her”.

What people say

  • “I have been a client of MK for sometime. I recently had a couple of readings with Honey. She reiterated the same message with incredible consistency that aligned to information provided by Gina, Hazel, Karen and Aleksandra, none of which she could have known. Her information was very specific to … read more

    - Written by Belinda

  • “First time using your website via referral. Loved my reading with Honey. She was really wonderful. Everything was accurate and really helpful and I came away feeling very uplifted and blessed. Would definitely speak to her again. Thank you!”

    - Written by M

  • “Honey was fab she was understanding and kind. She came straight to the point and picked up on how I was feeling near enough straight away. I was feeling really low and she picked up straight away that I was at a crossroads will def consult her again.”

    - Written by Anon

  • “Honey is amazing, she nailed it without prompting. She will tell you the truth and help you to see why the universe is putting you in this situation. I loved my reading with Honey, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but it was what I needed to hear.”

    - Written by Andrew

  • “Honey was absolutely terrific! Dose of tough love and blunt which I appreciate. Felt she was totally tuned in to me and her empathic abilities and good ole fashion common sense made me feel that its ok to falter but take care of myself first. Her intuition where my spouse … read more

    - Written by Anne

  • “Honey is amazing! Wow! She brought through two family members from spirit. Honey was able to pick upon the energy very quickly and described my situation perfectly. I loved her honesty and calming energy. I would definitely come back to Honey again.”

    - Written by Petra

  • “I wanted to let you know how wonderful I think Honey is. I had quite a few readings with her and she is accurate, passionate, sincere and gets straight to the point, honestly and respectful..”

    - Written by Darlene

  • “Had a reading with Honey this afternoon. Given I was in a negative state of mind over my romantic life, certainly was expecting her to confirm my thoughts. How wrong I was! Honey was positive straight talking and vibrant she touched on the heart of the matter instantly and it … read more

    - Written by Karen