Pick A Photo For A Spiritual Message from our Psychic Honey

I wanted to do some pictures for you with spiritually uplifting messages and guidance.
Pick from the 4 pictures.

Which one you are drawn too?

Love Honey x

If you choose this picture, it shows a road that is long and winding, but if you look up you can see the light if you rise above the road where the light is you can see things from a different perspective instead of looking at things down the straight and narrow sometimes its good to look above your same pattern of thinking.

Is there something here you can approach differently with fresh eyes , shifting your perspective may come apparent to maybe a new way of looking at things and giving you the outcome you want and be able to focus on a new direction, or maybe you need to resolve something from the past that needs a different way of thinking rising above your old pattern of thinking can also help you heal from the past, nothing is as bad as it seems if you can go to the higher ground of thinking you will find its a blessing and resolves to a beautiful result that you never thought you could have!

If you choose this picture it shows flowers and a beautiful butterfly, taking in pollen to nurture oneself but the butterfly is also nurturing the flowers, most people will nurture others and totally forget about themselves, have you forgotten to nurture yourself, if so imagine you as the butterfly, the butterfly flies so gracefully through the air goes and does what ever it wants too and loves to expands their wings and sits in the warm sunshine ,now I’m not saying you have to sit in the warm sunshine and be smelling flowers all day but is there something that you enjoy to do that is just as nurturing going for walks in the countryside parks or along the beach or river ,reading a book , meditation, hot bath candles , what ever you find nurturing to you ,do it more as you are special person who is living your path and journey but not only are you there for others but you must always be there for your self first, don’t need to feel guilt just know what ever your going through by taking care of you nurturing you then you can be the best person you can be for yourself and for others and if they see you nurturing urself they will follow you in
nurturing themselves.

If you choose this picture, it shows a duckling. “where may you ask, is this duckling going?” it’s going on an adventure.
Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel like you’re at a crossroads? Do you need a new adventure like changing your job, wanting a promotion changing your home location, starting up a business of your own, doing a course, or wanting to travel the world? Whatever you want your journey to be, you can make it happen, can’t you? Yes, you can! If you conquer your fear, take the leap of faith, and go for it you deserve everything your hearts desire, so what’s stopping you? What’s holding you back? You are stopping you! So let’s change this, know that you can enjoy and create your new adventure. Once you take that step forward, there will be other new opportunities and expose you to new confident ways of moving forward, Ways of moving forward and experiencing your adventures, you may even decide to have multiple adventures. What are you waiting for? Go for it!

If you choose this picture, it shows a heart wrapped in musical notes. Hmmm, what does this mean for you? Well, the heart plays music to you every day, asking you to experience all kinds of love for yourself, family, friends, and partners, is your heart closed to experiencing love? Has your heart been hurt soo much you can’t open it for anyone else, in case it gets hurt again?

Well, this heart is showing you, you can experience love just as you listen and experience different music in your life, there will be some music you don’t like or some music that makes you sad, but love like music brings joy and happiness, closeness, celebrations, love can flow into your heart just as music flows, open your heart allow your heart to experience all kinds of love and not forgetting to love urself first with serenity , passion, and total bliss. Your heart is strong so let it play the music of love

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