Psychic reader Zara

 Michele says

Zara is an exceptional Tarot reader and psychic. She gave me very accurate details about two people around me going overseas and a new start. She also, without prompting, went into detail about why they are going overseas. I loved my test reading with Zara and I am thrilled she is joining the team

What people say

  • I would like to say I was highly impressed with Zara. She  has a great energy and was incredibly detailed reading a complex relationship situation. In addition she read career details that were so accurate . Your kindness shines through, so thank you Zara!

    - Written by Maggie

  • “Had an absolutely brilliant reading with Zara. Two massive areas of change in my life which she described in the first five minutes without me uttering a word.  Pinpointed the characteristics of those involved and described an event that had happened over the weekend. Absolutely mind blowing. Zara also predicted … read more

    - Written by Michelle

  • “I had a reading with Zara on 01/01/23. She is definitely one of the best readers on this site. Zara tuned in very quickly, I related to what she was saying about my POI, gave lots of information and predictions for the future. She doesn’t pry and ask questions. Zara … read more

    - Written by S

  • I have had two readings with Zara and each time I am left so touched by her warm and insightful perspective. She has a real gift. It’s as if she can see you and the energies that surround you. I have learned so much about myself but also about my … read more

    - Written by Steph

  • I asked for a 3 question reading and Zara, did an incredible reading, at one point she said Education or something spiritual would  play a big part in my future. Little did she know on the day of receiving the reading, I had just been accepted for a Caretaker role … read more

    - Written by Steve