Psychic reader Arya

 Michele says

Arya is a tremendous talent. When she applied to work for us Charlotte fast tracked her to me. I loved her honestly and integrity, she is warm and tunes in to give specific details. She’s a natural psychic who gives messages directly from source and she’s fond of Tarot too. I’m sure you will love her!

What people say

  • “I just had the most amazing reading with Arya, she is just phenomenal. I was blown away by her accuracies and details. She truly is very unique and rare. What a special lady she is. Trust me you will be awestruck too.”

    - Written by Lorraine

  • “I have had three amazing readings with Arya. Few days ago I thought I would ring Arya for a general reading, but I honestly wanted to know about a man who I love. Arya gave me a general reading and picked up on my career and said you have rang … read more

    - Written by Stacey

  • “I’ve just had the most fantastic reading with Arya. She’s a real gem! She got to the core of everything straight away and I feel totally re-energised and inspired. I can’t wait for my next chapter! It felt like I was talking to a close friend. A huge thank you … read more

    - Written by Sophie

  • “Wow this is one special lady! I have had lots of readings and few blow me away. Arya is just amazing, very psychic, got my situation with great detail. She knew things she couldn’t have possibly known. Not only that she reminded me of who I am, when I was … read more

    - Written by Tracy

  • “My reading with Arya was uplifting and absolutely amazing! I asked Arya to provide any guidance regarding my career. I was questioning if I should explore new opportunities outside of my organisation. Straight away Arya picked up on me applying for a few roles, I had been doing. She confirmed … read more

    - Written by PB

  • “Love her! She makes me feel better, giving me advice about his situation waiting for my ex to come back. She has always said the same thing, he needs to get his mess dealt with, which is giving me lots of hope. She knows a lot of what is going … read more

    - Written by Tracey

  • “I just had the best reading ever with a wonderful person called Arya. She connected and had answers and guidance on every matter that I discussed. Even before I asked a question she already had advice from spirits. I felt lifted and nourished with clear ideas of what to do … read more

    - Written by Annette

  • “Arya is the best reader I ever had , she doesn’t ask questions, she tells you the same answer even if you read from here months later she is the best! And I will be using her for years. ”

    - Written by Tracey