Psychic reader Arya

 Michele says

Arya is a tremendous talent. When she applied to work for us Charlotte fast tracked her to me. I loved her honestly and integrity, she is warm and tunes in to give specific details. She’s a natural psychic who gives messages directly from source and she’s fond of Tarot too. I’m sure you will love her!

If she is not online and you would like to speak with her, please contact our main reception between 9am and 10pm GMT, and if she is able to she will log in for you.

What people say

  • “Thank you Arya for your uplifting and inspiring reading! Arya gave precise details about my current situation that she could not have known and which made great sense. She helped to clarify what has been going on in my life and I’m looking forward to seeing what the end results … read more

    - Written by Helen

  • “I wanted to tell you how wonderful Arya is. She dives into your energy and situation straight away and comes back with super sharp and absolutely unique insight. I felt likes she reads my thoughts and feelings. I was in touch with her several times from November 2021 up until … read more

    - Written by Elzbieta

  • ‘’I’ve just had an amazing reading with Arya! Absolutely brilliant and unique delivery. She’s really lovely too. I’m stunned at the things she picked up on. Everything she said resonated and she gave really helpful guidance. I’m clear on my next steps and feel very excited about what’s ahead. I … read more

    - Written by Anon

  • “I’ve had a few readings with Arya and they have really blown me away, especially the last one!Previously she told me that a book I was writing was descript manifest i.e I was writing about things that were going to come true, Bit now her guides have told me that … read more

    - Written by Kate

  • “I just had a reading with Arya. Best reading, I’m impressed, amazing.”

    - Written by Shan

  • “Just got off the phone from another phenomenal reading with Arya. Her high vibration energy and the way she immediately tunes in is incredible. Arya gives spiritual advise as well as practical guidance and is also very on point with details as to the energy around me, and other people … read more

    - Written by Ann

  • “I’ve had several readings with Arya over the past few months regarding a work matter that was causing a lot of anxiety and her insight into the situation has been spot on. Arya is able to tune in and describe the relevant people involved with stunning accuracy and predicted a … read more

    - Written by Diane

  • “I had a reading with Arya and she was very detailed. Not only did she pick up my Partners past and struggles he deals with, she also picked up on myself. Information flowed easily for her and she is very easy to talk to. She gave information on things to … read more

    - Written by Paula