Psychic reader Arya

 Michele says

Arya is a tremendous talent. When she applied to work for us Charlotte fast tracked her to me. I loved her honestly and integrity, she is warm and tunes in to give specific details. She’s a natural psychic who gives messages directly from source and she’s fond of Tarot too. I’m sure you will love her!

If she is not online and you would like to speak with her, please contact our main reception between 9am and 10pm GMT, and if she is able to she will log in for you.

What people say

  • “Arya has been my rock since last year. I get on the phone and she gives me lots of advice that helps with in the right direction. I don’t have to say anything, and she tells me the same thing about my ex all the time. I am so happy … read more

    - Written by Tracey

  • ‘’I’ve just had an amazing reading with Arya! Absolutely brilliant and unique delivery. She’s really lovely too. I’m stunned at the things she picked up on. Everything she said resonated and she gave really helpful guidance. I’m clear on my next steps and feel very excited about what’s ahead. I … read more

    - Written by Anon

  • “Wow. I was completely blown away by my reading with Arya just now. It was like she stepped right into my heart, mind and soul within seconds, with zero information, explaining things I am experiencing that I have been unable to articulate. Her delivery is so warm yet also with … read more

    - Written by Vicky

  • “I’ve just come away from a great reading with Arya. She connected with me very well and picked up on my own psychic abilities. Arya has a warm calming vibe. Very intuitive. I came away feeling uplifted , assured and confident everything would work out as it should. Arya was … read more

    - Written by Petra

  • “I was drawn to speak to Arya for few times now and I am so glad that I have called her and she had become a regular reader for me. She lifts me ups, she shows me the light in my life and she keeps me going. She is lovely … read more

    - Written by Ana

  • “Arya has inspired me a lot to keep pushing and to never give up. Her gifts are incredible. She’s also quite encouraging. She mixed her psychic abilities with her life coaching skills to really help someone reach their fullest potential. I appreciate her heart and her spirit is truly a … read more

    - Written by A

  • “Love my readings with Arya. She’s always so pleasant. Not to mention accurate. Arya is always quick to link in and pick up on my energies. She reads me so well. The information Arya psychically picks up on, then communicates back to me is accurate. It is as though she … read more

    - Written by Petra

  • “I’ve had several readings with Arya over the past few months regarding a work matter that was causing a lot of anxiety and her insight into the situation has been spot on. Arya is able to tune in and describe the relevant people involved with stunning accuracy and predicted a … read more

    - Written by Diane