Discovering Your Purpose – Ultimate Soul Journey

I’ve talked a lot about the importance of finding your soul path and how to find one’s path or calling is one of the most popular questions our readers get asked. There is no doubt that finding our ‘calling’ – what we’re here to do in our own unique way, is a big part of our spiritual growth and also in leading a happy, fulfilled life. But what if no matter how hard you try you can’t find what it is you’re here to do?

I believe we all have a purpose for being here and that each of us is given skills, talents and abilities which we all express in our unique individual way. However, often we lose touch with them – we can say, we lose touch with a crucial part of our creative soul expression which leaves us uncertain as adults as to whether we have anything special to offer at all. Sometimes this comes about through what I call ‘Well Meaning Fear’ transmitted usually by our parents. Well Meaning Fear seeks to protect us from the same disappointments they may have experienced when they were young. Perhaps they were brought up with the message that life isn’t meant to be easy. So – when you say you’d like to be a vet/athlete/chef – it doesn’t matter what it is – instead of saying ‘Wow! I think you’d be really good at that! Let’s find out all we can about it’, Well Meaning Fear says: ‘It’s very hard to be a vet/athlete/chef. Perhaps you should think about learning Excel Spreadsheets instead’.

Some people however come from more toxic environments where instead of being encouraged their dreams were ridiculed and they were put down. But the result is usually the same – as adults we can have become so cut off from our idea of what we are capable of doing – let alone our dreams, that we settle for anything that comes along, all the time wondering why we feel so empty and unfulfilled. If this sounds like your situation, take heart. It’s never too late to re-connect to your soul purpose and you can have huge amounts of fun doing it!

If you talk to people who are following their bliss or soul path the one thing the majority of them will tell you is that what they are doing is directly related to something they were interested in or loved to do when they were young. So, the first thing to do is to think about what you liked doing as a child or teenager – no matter how frivolous or childish you may think it is today (or have been made to think it is!). Make a list. Now – and this is the crucial part and the key to finding your direction – when you were involved in this activity did time appear to stand still? Were you so ‘in the moment’ doing it that you not only had no concept of time passing but you also had no thoughts of anything beyond what you were doing it was so engrossing? This is known as being in the ‘flow’ and a real sign that whatever it is you were doing is linked to your soul path or purpose.

You may be one of the lucky ones reading this and you already have an activity in your life where you totally lose track of time and where you are totally ‘in the moment’ with it. Perhaps this is something you have always done. If so, now look at it carefully – how can you expand this so that it can sustain you economically as well as spiritually? Because I can tell you that no matter what it is, there is somebody already out there doing it for a living – and doing it successfully.

By re-connecting with your bliss you not only discover what you are here to do but also re-connect to parts of you that have been lost. When we know who we really are we have a greater understanding of what it is we need to be truly happy. Your unique soul purpose is there just waiting for you to discover it. Remember, people who know their purpose are empowered people. All you need to find your purpose and all the empowerment that comes with it, is an open mind and a willingness to have fun. So make your passion work for you.

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