Psychic reader Carmela

 Michele says

I LOVED Camela’s vibe. Carmela is the kind of psychic whose energy uplifts you right from the start. Carmela was precise in her test reading. She talked about me going to New York, and that I would be doing a radio show with an Australian.

I plan to go to New York to see one of my best pals, who is Australian, and a TV News anchor! I have appeared on her radio show in the past. Warm, inspiring, and very loving, I am delighted to have Carmela on board.

She was equally specific with another tester – She mentioned a link to Asia – Beijing in particular, and that someone close to me is studying Mandarin and will fly there. My daughter studies Mandarin and is very good at it and she was due to fly to Beijing earlier this year but now it will be next year.

And another said – She talked about my career, hubby’s career and picked up on very specific advice for my family and me. And things that only I would know about. The most specific was her mentioning that I would go to Mexico. And that is somewhere where I would love to go for a very important personal reason. Also, she picked up a film project for my husband that is coming in.

What people say

  • “Wow wow wow, I cannot believe how much information Carmela picked up on. She was able to pick up on my energy and read me perfectly. In addition to that she was able to read my point of interest‘s energy perfectly. Picked up on places that he’d been to recently, … read more

    - Written by Petra

  • “I just wanted to write and say what an amazing reading I have just had with Carmella. The information came through quick and fast with incredible detail and without prompting. I am still gobsmacked with the accuracy of what Carmella was saying, including the names of those involved. Without question … read more

    - Written by Michelle

  • “I spoke to Carmela yesterday and am still reeling at the information she brought to me. What an amazing reader! She began by looking into my home situation, describing different places I have lived in and the house where I will live in the future. Her descriptions are detailed and … read more

    - Written by Lynne

  • “I enjoyed a fabulous reading with Carmela. I am absolutely amazed how accurate she is without prompting and she jumped straight into the reading. I will definitely speak to her again.”

    - Written by Sandra

  • “What a talented and gorgeous lady. Picking up so much in such a short space of time. Such specific details about my recent ex. His name! She said its not done and kept picking up 3 weeks, its been exactly 3 weeks today since we split?! She even said he’d … read more

    - Written by Becky

  • “I found Carmela instantly connected with me straight away and spoke of my psychic gift too, which I’m trying to not guard myself and start to develop it now. I asked about a house move, Carmela gave me two options which I’m grateful for, and opened my mind to both … read more

    - Written by Sarah

  • “I just got of the phone after the most magnificent reading from the amazing and talented Carmela. I have been wanting to get a reading with her since I first saw her on your site last year. Her loveliness shines through her picture and in her reviews. Her reading was … read more

    - Written by Kara

  • “Carmela was amazing from the first moment we started the reading. I have spent hours on these lines over the years and I have experienced some brilliant readers. Carmela however stands out by miles. She gave me so much evidence that it left me speechless. She connected to my Mother … read more

    - Written by Fiona