Psychic reader Marie

 Michele says

Marie has flown through her test readings. She picked up on specifics and was accurate. One tester even said she was blown away. As always let me know what you think.

What people say

  • “Marie is an outstanding reader. She tuned in with total accuracy, and delivered an insightful, detailed and informative reading.”

    - Written by Julie

  • “I had my third reading with Marie today. She is very honest which I like, she gets straight to the point and she doesn’t use cards. Just tunes in and speaks with accuracy and compassion. Great reader, and speaking to her really is like catching up with a friend.”

    - Written by Jane

  • “Marie, was so on point with my reading and very straight with me which I really liked. She picked up on such small details in my life that blew me away and offered excellent guidance. I was a little sceptical at first and was my first reading online. She was … read more

    - Written by Sonia

  • “I had an amazing reading with Marie. It was rather unusual because I was heartbroken after the death of my pet but Marie was spot on. She gave me details that nobody could have known. I felt greatly comforted after the reading and would highly recommend Marie to Michele Knight … read more

    - Written by Anon

  • “She made me feel reassured and more positive even mentioning a future move which I didn’t think would be possible in the circumstances. Marie was very direct with a warm and bubbly character, giving me specific advice and a degree of detail that she couldn’t have known without knowing me … read more

    - Written by Anne

  • “I had the loveliest reading with Marie who was top notch.”

    - Written by Julie

  • “Today I had a really great reading with Marie which was brilliant and so friendly from the word go. I got a great insight into my current situation and confirmation of a few things I’d been thinking about. Marie made me feel a lot better after our chat, and very … read more

    - Written by Deborah

  • “Marie was so spot on with my situation and with my family and got their personalities so right as well. She was caring and empathetic and helped me with things that had been worrying me. I found her reading very reassuring and she is clearly a fantastic psychic.”

    - Written by Anon