Testimonial for Marie by S - June 24, 2020

“Just had my first reading with Marie and I will definitely be calling to speak to her again. She only took my date of birth and then began to very accurately tell me about myself and the things I enjoy doing. From that she went on to speak about my job, she knew I had worked there a long time and I was going to a new job! She told me some interesting things this would open up for me. She knew about my Partner and then went on to describe our relationship and his job. I was so amazed at her accuracy! She described my children down to a tee and knew what was going on in their lives. Everything she said was one hundred percent correct and I felt so uplifted by her messages. She was so positive and friendly. I had to write in as she was so spot on and detailed. I highly recommend her and look forward to speaking to her again.”