Psychic reader Lynda

 Michele says

Lynda is a psychic medium who gives details like an express train. She is a traditional reader who can use tarot cards and crystals. She mentioned specific information about my mother and made me laugh with her humour and details. Let me know what you think.

Lynda is certified in law of attraction, crystal therapy she is also a Reiki Master

Lynda’s method of working is intuitive and direct, using topics questions or names to tune into the situations put in front of her

Lynda is passionate about helping others help themselves sharing insightful messages that will allow you to make strong decisions for yourself

Lynda enjoys helping people discover their souls purposes, sharing guidance and knowledge that will enable you to step on your new path should you choose to follow it

Lynda also specialises in relationships, as a vibrational energy worker she will share any details that she receives so you can make better informed decisions that will help you create a stronger and happier future

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