All About Psychic Email Readings With Our Psychic Lynda

Hi I’m Lynda one of Michele Knights Psychic team

I really enjoy doing Psychic Email Readings to empower and enlighten my clients. I find it a very clear psychic channel. Here’s a snippet about how I give an Email Psychic Reading and what I think the benefits of giving and receiving an Email Psychic Reading are

Every morning before I begin a session I light candles, burn Sandalwood to cleanse the room then sit and meditate for twenty minutes
I like to listen to a guided meditation which clears and opens my chakras to ensure my energy is free flowing. I am very specific with my morning ritual as it let’s my guides know I’m ready to work

Once I am in the zone with my trusted crystals nearby I relax into the reading and start slowly shuffling my cards
I gaze my eyes over the questions that I have in front of me and ask my guides to deliver the answers the receiver needs to see

I then start to channel and record the messages I receive, my cards are there to open me up and enhance the messages that are delivered
I record the messages by using a method called Automatic Writing
Automatic writing is an energy connection that allows Psychics to communicate intuitively.

Some Psychics use pen and paper others opt for computers tapping the messages into their keyboard
Mobile applications that allow you to type notes are useful too
The universe has learnt that it needs to be down with the kids and up to date with technology if it’s going to keep those messages flowing to all!

I prefer writing messages down as I am aware of my handwriting style changing dramatically when I’m doing automatic writing
My usual hand writing style is neat and individual print however when I’m automatic writing it becomes messy and joined up. Which is a good validation for me as I know I have a good connection when I start scribbling

As a psychic reader I enjoy doing Psychic Email readings as I feel I have time to relax into the session and dig further for information
During an Email Psychic Reading it’s just me and the guides working amongst ourselves without any further input from the receiver, this allows us to free flow and deliver deep and intuitive messages

Email Readings are beneficial to you for many reasons.

• An Email Reading is perfect for anyone who may have hearing problems no need to struggle trying to hear someone talk

• If you have a busy household or maybe not as much privacy as you need an Email Reading could be the solution

• An Email Reading is ideal for those who may not always remember what was said during a reading

• Email Readings are a point of reference for you to look back over whenever you may need

• An Email Reading can be submitted at your convenience you can send in your questions to Michele’s team of Psychic Email Readers whilst going about your usual routine then read the response at your leisure whilst you relax

Sending much love

Lynda Pin 2318

Feedback for Lynda

“I had a fantastic reading with Lynda. She was so perceptive, and the information flowed so easily, I was amazed by her accuracy and predictions regarding my personal and professional life, Her words have given me such hope and positivity for 2019, I cant thank her enough. She is up there with some of the best readers I’ve had, Jonathan, Cate, Barbara and Pam. Thanks Lynda!”

“She knew exactly how I’ve been feeling with career and romance and exactly what’s been happening in both. She touched on how this has left me feeling but what is coming in to relieve that since I have made some life changing decisions. She highlighted that I’ve been having visions and not trusting my own psychic instinct (which I know) and put me at ease! I would say all of your psychics gave an overview of these things but Lynda was able to drill much deeper into all this and without me telling her anything. She described others feelings and thoughts around me and what to be aware of, but also the opportunities now coming in. I feel so relived, I could cry! She also has a soothing way of telling you things which makes you relax (initially I was guarded, which she asked me to ease into to facilitate her tuning in). Will definitely call Lynda again!


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