Testimonial for Lynda by J - April 25, 2023

I was grieving the loss of my beloved pet bunny who recently passed at 7 years old.  I desperately wanted to know if she was happy and that, perhaps in time, would she resent me for getting another bunny – but not to replace her.  I got in touch with Lynda (2318) and all I can say is I am so very glad and grateful for my reading with her.  Without telling her too much, she got that my pet was a bunny, she was spot on with her personality, the naughty things that she did (chew my husband’s shoe) and so much more.  She even mentioned the discussion my husband I had about the possibility of looking into adopting from a rescue centre, but that the rescue centre only adopted pairs.  And Lynda answered my concerns and gave me the reassurance that my beloved bunny was painfree and happy, that she was encouraging me to get another bunny in time, and that she thanked me for “having the best life”.  Lynda also gave me information about 2 previous rabbits I once had in the past and told me that I didn’t need to feel guilty about what happened to them.  Lynda literally eased the pain in my heart.  We shared a good laugh throughout the reading – it was almost as if we were remembering a beloved friend. Lynda – from the bottom of my heart –  thank you very, very much.