Psychic reader Sadie

 Michele says

Sadie is exactly what you expect from Michele Knight Psychics. She is a brilliant psychic and astonishing medium. She has had her ability all her life, is emotionally intelligent and incredibly specific. As a result, she’s constantly in demand but is absolutely and one hundred per cent worth waiting for!

What people say

  • “I feel I just have to leave feedback for Sadie. Over the past two years, this lady has been an absolute gem. She even came up with the nickname for my partner’s father! Through what is a particularly trying time, Sadie has been patient, helpful and non judgemental. Thank you Sadie, … read more

    - Written by A

  • “What a wonderful, intuitive reader Sadie is, I have been very lucky to have a few readings with her. Her insight into my situation is incredible, she will give it to you as it comes; it may not be what you want to hear but it always makes sense. She … read more

    - Written by Mandy

  • “Hi – wanted to leave some feedback for Sadie (2227) – Wow is all i could say! This is the 2nd reading with her and she totally floored me with this reading – even more specific with details and feelings and describing people. I was gobsmacked when she asked me … read more

    - Written by Jo

  • “I have to say a big thank you to Sadie – she gets straight into things and has a really finely tuned link with her guides/spirit to pass on information. She correctly described an ex figure who is around at the moment and gave helpful advice to follow. She correctly … read more

    - Written by J

  • “My reading with Sadie was extraordinary. She  has made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

    - Written by Joss

  • “I had a reading with Sadie and already things are coming true.  She said I would have a job before Christmas, which I would never believe, after not working for 10 years, and I got my job.  Just waiting for the rest of the reading to come true.”

    - Written by Andrea

  • “Had a wonderful reading with Sadie today, an amazing medium who gave lots and lots of very specific information – we went on a very amazing journey.  It will be a long time before we forget the messages.”

    - Written by Jenny

  • “I do not have the eloquence to describe just how incredible Sadie’s skills are. She is the MOST AMAZING MEDIUM/PSYCHIC who gives THE MOST fantastic readings/incredible details ever. Sadie gives names of the people you are ringing about, the dates of when stuff happened, the dates of when stuff will … read more

    - Written by Amanda